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TV Milestones Series: Policies for Submitting Book Proposals


TV Milestones is a distinct series of short books written in a critical but lively and accessible style. The emphasis of the series is on television shows, both classic and contemporary, that have demonstrable cultural impact. The books are suitable for general readers and fans of the show in question as well as scholars and students.

The books in this series are published in a compact format (5”x 7”) and therefore, must present a compelling and comprehensive account of one show that, at the time of submission, has ended its air. The main question the book should answer is: What makes this show a true milestone?

Proposals are six to eight pages in length and should include a fully developed table of contents and chapter abstract that addresses most of the following in an organization of your choosing:

· Broadcast history, including audience reception

· Placement in the history of television/broadcast media, both technically and aesthetically

· Ideological, sociological, and historical contexts and importance

· Legacy

· Generic affiliations and contexts

· Authorship and stars

· Visual and performance style

· Discussion of at least two representative episodes

Your initial submission should also include:

· Your CV, resume, or bio

· A few paragraphs summarizing the work, including descriptions of its focus, scope, purpose, and/or argument; what makes it significant, unique, or outstanding; the contribution it seeks to make or need it fills; and its intended audience(s)

· A description of competing books and how your book compares with them

· Your best estimate for when the manuscript will be complete

Completed manuscripts should be no more than 30,000 words, with 20 images (stills from the television show), and should include a bibliography of secondary sources.

Send materials to our acquisitions editor, Marie Sweetman or to series editor Dr. Barry Keith Grant.