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Landscapes of Childhood Series

Landscapes of Childhood Series is an interdisciplinary series that speaks directly to children's sense of place, paying close attention to how boys and girls play and orient themselves in the world. The series highlights cutting-edge research on the changing nature of childhood in diverse social and regional contexts and publishes pioneering moographs, collected essays, and reprints. We are not currently accepting submission for this series.

Under Fire

Childhood in the Shadow of War

Edited by Elizabeth Goodenough and Andrea Immel

Investigates the effects of war on children and children’s literature.

Published: May 2008
ISBN: 9780814334041

The Child in the World

Embodiment, Time, and Language in Early Childhood

Eva M. Simms

A dialogue between developmental research and continental philosophy that illuminates how children experience the world.

Published: April 2008
ISBN: 9780814333754
Published: April 2008
ISBN: 9780814338407

Appraising the Human Developmental Sciences

Essays in Honor of Merrill-Palmer Quarterly

Edited by Gary W. Ladd

This volume sets out to celebrate the Quarterly’s significant contribution to developmental research and to highlight the advances made in the field since the early 1950s.

Published: April 2007
ISBN: 9780814333426
Published: April 2007
ISBN: 9780814335543

Poetry's Playground

The Culture of Contemporary American Children's Poetry

Joseph T. Thomas, Jr.

The first book-length study of contemporary American children’s poetry, Poetry’s Playground considers children’s poetry in relation to the wider scope of adult poetic discourse.

Published: February 2007
ISBN: 9780814332962

And Life Is Changed Forever

Holocaust Childhoods Remembered

Edited by Martin Ira Glassner and Robert Krell
Sponsored by the Holocaust Child Survivors of Connecticut

Looking at the Holocaust through the eyes of children who lived through it, this collection offers an inspiring assortment of perspectives on survival.

Published: April 2006
ISBN: 9780814331736

His Dark Materials Illuminated

Critical Essays on Philip Pullman's Trilogy

Edited by Milicent Lenz with Carol Scott

The first critical analysis of Philip Pullman’s cross-age fantasy trilogy.

Published: September 2005
ISBN: 9780814332078

Sister Water

Nancy Willard

An absorbing story about childhood and the search for a sense of place in the urban and natural environments of the Midwest.

Published: August 2005
ISBN: 9780814332443

Come the Morning

Mark Jonathan Harris
Photographs by Marissa Roth

This novel for young readers, told by a thirteen-year-old boy, is the story of a working-class American family plunged into homelessness.

Published: March 2005
ISBN: 9780814332412

Wild Things

Children's Culture and Ecocriticism

Edited by Sidney I. Dobrin and Kenneth B. Kidd

The first book-length study of the relationship between children's literature and ecocriticism.

Published: May 2004
ISBN: 9780814330289

Children's Special Places

Exploring the Role of Forts, Dens, and Bush Houses in Middle Childhood

David Sobel

An examination of the secret world of children that shows how important special places are to a child's development.

Published: December 2001
ISBN: 9780814330265
Published: December 2001
ISBN: 9780814337622