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Wayne State University Press is a leading publisher of Great Lakes books, Judaica, and African American studies, as well as a wide range of other scholarly and general interest titles. The Press disseminates research, advances education, and serves the local community while expanding the international reputation of the Press and the University.


Bridging the Straits

The Story of Mighty Mac

Lawrence A. Rubin
Foreword by Prentiss M. Brown, Jr.

The project—the longest total suspension bridge in the world—would span the Starits of Mackinac where winds exceed eighty miles an hour and ice windrows reach a height of forty feet.

Published: February 1986
ISBN: 9780814318126

Talkin and Testifyin

The Language of Black America

by Geneva Smitherman

In this book, Smitherman makes a substantial contribution to an understanding of Black English by setting it in the larger context of Black culture and life style.

Published: January 1986
ISBN: 9780814318058

A Middle English Anthology

Edited by Ann S. Haskell

A reissue of the popular 1969 volume, this anthology includes a wide variety of selections from Middle English literature.

Published: August 1985
ISBN: 9780814317983

O City of Byzantium

Annals of Niketas Choniates

Translated by Harry J. Magoulias

One of the most important accounts of the Middle Ages, the history of Niketas Choniates describes the Byzantine Empire from 1118 to 1207. Niketas provides an eyewitness account of the sack of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade.

Published: September 1984
ISBN: 9780814317648

Marxism and Art

Essays Classic and Contemporary

Edited with Historical and Critical Commentary by Maynard Solomon

Marxism and Art is a collection of basic readings in Marxist criticism and aesthetics.

Published: May 1984
ISBN: 9780814316214

Latin Via Ovid

A First Course

Norma Goldman and Jacob E. Nyenhuis

Using an introduction to mythology by the master storyteller Ovid himself, the authors have prepared a unique teaching tool designed to achieve proficiency at Latin in one year at the college level, two years at the high school or intermediate level.

Published: September 1982
ISBN: 9780814317327

Architecture in Michigan

Revised and Enlarged Edition

Wayne Andrews

A pictorial survey of Michigan architecture from 1831 to the present.

Published: September 1982
ISBN: 9780814317198
Published: September 1982
ISBN: 9780814317181

Epicyclic Drive Trains

Analysis, Synthesis, and Applications

Herbert W. Müller

This is a comprehensive text and reference book for students and teachers of mechanical engineering, for design and research engineers, and for manufacturers and users of gear trains for the transmission of power in industry and transportation.

Published: April 1982
ISBN: 9780814316634

Greek Realities

Life and Thought in Ancient Greece

Finley Hooper

A history of ancient Greek life and thought from the Mycenaean kings to Alexander, Aristotle and Diogenes.

Published: August 1978
ISBN: 9780814315972

Roman Realities

Finley Hooper

Based on the major primary sources of Roman history, this book recalls the experiences of the ancient Romans through a thousand years of their history.

Published: January 1978
ISBN: 9780814315941

Folk Music in the United States

An Introduction

by Bruno Netti, Revised and Expanded by Helen Myers

A graceful, deeply meditative debut from Kawita Kandpal.

Published: February 1976
ISBN: 9780814315576
Published: February 1976
ISBN: 9780814337578

The Origins of the Modern Jew

Jewish Identity and European Culture in Germany, 1749-1824

By Michael A. Meyer

An excellent overview of the intellectual history of important figures in German Jewry.

Published: April 1972
ISBN: 9780814314708
Published: April 1972
ISBN: 9780814337547

Squash Racquets

The Khan Game

By Hashim Khan with Richard E. Randall

The story of Hashim Khan, the legendary squash racquets player.

Published: February 1972
ISBN: 9780814314692

Old English

Grammar and Reader

by Robert E. Diamond

An excellent introduction to learning Old English.

Published: January 1970
ISBN: 9780814315101

Spanish-American Literature

A History

Enrique Anderson-Imbert

With a focus both historical and literary, Enrique Anderson-Imbert surveys the literature of Hispanic America.

Published: January 1969
ISBN: 9780814313855

Literary Criticism

Pope to Croce

Edited by Gay Wilson Allen and Harry Hayden Clark

This volume attempts to represent European theories of poetry from Plato's time to the year 1700.

Published: January 1962
ISBN: 9780814311585

Literary Criticism

Plato to Dryden

Allan H. Gilbert

This volume attempts to represent European theories of poetry from Plato's time to the year 1700.

Published: January 1962
ISBN: 9780814311608

The Song of the Nibelungs

A Verse Translation from the Middle High German Nibelungenlied

A Translation from the Middle High German Nibelungenlied by Frank G. Ryder

The first translation into English of this monumental epic in over forty years.

Published: January 1962
ISBN: 9780814311929