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Masters and Servants

The Hudson’s Bay Company and Its North American Workforce, 1668–1786

Scott P. Stephen

An essential examination of the role of labourers in early modern Atlantic political-economic history.

Available December 2019
ISBN: 9781772123371

Knowings and Knots

Methodologies and Ecologies in Research-Creation

Natalie Loveless, Editor

A provocative discussion of knowledge-making, ways of knowing, and what counts as legitimate knowledge transmission.

Available December 2019
ISBN: 9781772124859

Power Play

Professional Hockey and the Politics of Urban Development

Jay Scherer, David Mills & Linda Sloan McCulloch
Richard Gruneau, Foreword

Big money and municipal politics collide in the story of Edmonton’s Rogers Place hockey arena.

Available November 2019
ISBN: 9781772124934

Reflections on Malcolm Forsyth

Mary I. Ingraham & Robert C. Rival, Editors

A captivating and approachable portrait of the life and work of a Canadian musical legend.

Available November 2019
ISBN: 9781772124866

Feminist Acts

Branching Out Magazine and the Making of Canadian Feminism

Tessa Jordan

A vital text of feminist recuperation; an eye-opening examination of feminist publishing, community-building, and survival.

Available October 2019
ISBN: 9781772124842

Writing Beyond the End Times? / Écrire au-delà de la fin des temps?

The Literatures of Canada and Quebec / Les littératures au Canada et au Québec

Ursula Mathis-Moser & Marie Carrière, Editors

Essays examining the sense of crisis that transform Canadian and Quebec writings in English and French.

Available October 2019
ISBN: 9781772124880

The Famine of 1932–1933 in Ukraine

An Anatomy of the Holodomor

Stanislav Kulchytsky

A distilled account of famine incorporating new sources during the past three decades.

Available October 2019
ISBN: 9781894865531

Art+Medicine Collaborative Practice

Transforming the Experience of Head and Neck Cancer

Pamela Brett-MacLean & Lianne McTavish, Editors

A unique fusion of medicine and art exploring the experience of head and neck cancer.

Published: July 2019
ISBN: 9781772124156

Tiny Lights for Travellers

Naomi K. Lewis

Vulnerable and funny, this memoir explores Jewish identity, family, the Holocaust, and belonging.

Published: June 2019
ISBN: 9781772124484

Ukrainian Studies in Canada: Texts and Contexts

Proceedings of the CIUS Fortieth Anniversary Conference, 14–15 October 2016

Volodymyr Kravchenko, Editor

Conference proceedings discussing the past, present, and future of Ukrainian studies in North America.

Published: May 2019
ISBN: 9781894865517

Wisdom Engaged

Traditional Knowledge for Northern Community Well-being

Leslie Main Johnson, Editor

Collaboration between traditional knowledge and Western bio-medicine aims to improve health care in Northern communities.

Published: May 2019
ISBN: 9781772124101

The Man Who Lived with a Giant

Stories from Johnny Neyelle, Dene Elder

Alana Fletcher & Morris Neyelle, Editors

A vital book of cultural storytelling for Dene readers and anyone invested in Indigenous knowledge-keeping.

Published: May 2019
ISBN: 9781772124088

To float, to drown, to close up, to open

E. Alex Pierce

Accomplished poet’s new collection of sensuous, intelligent poems that contemplate art, memory, and personal longing.

Published: April 2019
ISBN: 9781772124538

There Are Not Enough Sad Songs

Marita Dachsel

Delicate, authentic poems that oscillate between grief and joy as they explore parenthood and loss.

Published: April 2019
ISBN: 9781772124521

What You Take with You

Wildfire, Family and the Road Home

Therese Greenwood

Personal account of fleeing a Canadian wildfire that devastated a community and garnered international attention.

Published: April 2019
ISBN: 9781772124491

A Novel about a Good Person

Emma Andiievska

A brilliantly imaginative and boldly surrealistic tale of struggle between good and evil.

Published: March 2019
ISBN: 9781894865494

Apostrophes VIII

Nothing Is But You and I

E. D. Blodgett

Majestic poems look up and out at a larger world; inviting, contemplating, deliberating, reflecting.

Published: March 2019
ISBN: 9781772124514

Most of What Follows Is True

Places Imagined and Real

Michael Crummey
Margaret Mackey, Introduction

Is there a limit to the liberties a writer can take with the real world?

Published: March 2019
ISBN: 9781772124576

A Contemplative Angler

Selections from the Bruce P. Dancik Collection of Angling Books

Justin Hanisch
Bruce P. Danick, Foreword

Nearly 100 highlights of an extraordinary collection of angling-related rare books and print ephemera.

Published: March 2019
ISBN: 9781551954059

In the News, 3rd edition

The Practice of Media Relations in Canada

William Wray Carney

Third edition of the "go-to" textbook on media relations, demonstrating a proactive and planned approach.

Published: March 2019
ISBN: 9781772124118