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Kim D. Hunter at Brilliant Books

Brilliant Books Hosts Award Winning Author of Unusual Story Collection
Blues, opera, jazz as soundtrack to social justice, speculative fiction

TRAVERSE CITY – Brilliant Books will host a meet and greet event with kim d. hunter, author of "The Official Report on Human Activity," a largely satirical work set mostly in a Detroit of the future where recurring characters grapple with digital media that’s even more pervasive than it is today. The work of linked stories earned hunter the 2018 INDIES Silver award for Short Stories. The unpublished manuscript garnered a Kresge Literary Arts Fellowship in 2012. The author will be on hand Saturday, July 13 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

All four stories, described by hunter as "fairy tales for adults of all ages," share characters with the title story, "The Official Report on Human Activity or Long for an Elephant, an Essay" wherein a factory worker and aspiring writer gives birth to small elephant with a strange message on its hide.

"I realized, at some point during the writing, that the story plots were like odd fairy tales with rabbit holes that are like hyperlinks taking you somewhere you didn’t necessarily expect to go," said hunter, author of The Official Report on Human Activity fiction collection. "Some of territory covered is the creative process itself. Even characters that aren’t musicians are obsessed with music from opera to jazz, from blues to country gospel. The stories are as much about music and writing as they are about the characters’ struggle with bigotry and media technology run amok."

hunter works for a nonprofit providing media relations for social justice groups in Detroit. He’s also been a staple of the Detroit literary scene who’s published two books of poetry and co-directed the Woodward Line Poetry Series for more than a decade. His latest project is the Detroit Book Review, a podcast where independent book sellers discuss the books that most interest them.

Saturday, July 13, 2019
Brilliant Books
Brilliant Books, 118 E. Front Street


The Official Report on Human Activity

Stories by kim d. hunter

Jazz, opera, and various blues serve as the soundtrack for this collection of fairytales for grown-ups of all ages.

Published: April 2018
ISBN: 9780814345207
Published: April 2018
ISBN: 9780814345214