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The Compromise of Return: Viennese Jews after the Holocaust

The Compromise of Return: Viennese Jews after the Holocaust explores the motivations and expectations that inspired Viennese Jews to reestablish lives in their hometown after the devastation and trauma of the Holocaust. Elizabeth Anthony investigates their personal, political, and professional endeavors, revealing the contours of their experiences of returning to a post-Nazi society, with full awareness that most of their fellow Austrians had embraced the Nazi takeover and their country’s unification with Germany—clinging to a collective national identity myth as "first victim" of the Nazis. Anthony weaves together archival documentation with oral histories, interviews, memoirs, and personal correspondence to craft a multilayered, multivoiced narrative of return focused on the immediate postwar years.

Thursday, October 20, 2022
7:00pm - 8:00pm
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The Compromise of Return

Viennese Jews after the Holocaust

Elizabeth Anthony

Explores the realities that Viennese Jews faced while reestablishing their lives upon returning home after the Holocaust.

Published: May 2021
ISBN: 9780814348383
Published: May 2021
ISBN: 9780814348130