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Marvels & Tales

Journal of Fairy-Tale Studies

Edited by Cristina Bacchilega and Anne E. Duggan

Subjects: Children's Literature, Fairy-Tale Studies, Folklore

Published two times per year
ISSN 1521-4281
E-ISSN 1536-1802

H-Index: 3

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Marvels & Tales is a peer-reviewed journal that is international and multidisciplinary in orientation. The journal publishes scholarly work dealing with the fairy tale in any of its diverse manifestations and contexts. Marvels & Tales provides a central forum for fairy-tale studies by scholars of literature, folklore, gender studies, children’s literature, social and cultural history, anthropology, film studies, ethnic studies, art and music history, and others.

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Marvels & Tales Volume 34, Number 1 (Spring 2020)
Special Issue: The Two-Hundred-Year Legacy of E. T. A. Hoffmann—Transgressions of Fantastika
Guest editors: Christopher Owen and Amy Crawford

From the Editors

Artwork: 200 Years of the Nutcracker
Rileigh Young

Introduction to the Special Issue: The Two-Hundred-Year Legacy of E. T. A. Hoffmann—Transgressions of Fantastika
Christopher Owen and Amy Crawford

Artwork: Stahlbaum und Mausekönig
Katie Owen

Inventing Portal Fantasies: E. T. A. Hoffmann’s The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
Maria Tatar

Artwork: Mouse King
Gary Dougherty

Candytown and the Land of Cockaigne: Gastronomic Utopia in The Nutcracker and the Mouse King and Other Children’s Literature
Sarah Hardstaff

Artwork: Journey to Candyland
Victoria Ayre

Artwork: The Mouse Queen
Heather Colbert

Orientalism in Kunstmärchen: E. T. A. Hoffmann’s Escape to the Mythical Realm Atlantis
Claudia Schwabe

Artwork: Nutcracker Nightmare
Jack Bateman

Choreographing Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker: A Creative Reflection
Kasper Cornish

Artwork: Godpapa Drosselmeier
Maria Mikhalskaya

Illustrating The Nutcracker and the Mouse King: A Practitioner’s Reflection
Maria Mikhalskaya

Artwork: The Nutcracker
Maria Mikhalskaya

Artwork: Marie Meets the Mouse King
Maria Mikhalskaya

Homage to Gianni Rodari
Celebrating the Unknown Famous Gianni Rodari
Jack Zipes

In the Name of Rodari
Pino Boero, translated by Cristina Bacchilega

Gianni Rodari’s Grammar of Fantasy: Between Education and Revolution
Elena Massi

“Pro e contro la fiaba” Fifty Years Later: Is Gianni Rodari’s Apologia Still Relevant Today?
Marnie Campagnaro

Fantasy Fictions from the Bengal Renaissance (Trans. and Ed. Sanjay Sircar. Foreword by Peter Hunt)
Jack Zipes

American Myths, Legends, and Tall Tales: An Encyclopedia of American Folklore (Ed. Christopher R. Fee and Jeffrey B. Webb)
Eric César Morales

The Caribbean Story Finder: A Guide to 438 Tales from 24 Nations and Territories, Listing Subjects and Sources (Sharon Barcan Elswit)
Manon Hakem-Lemaire

The Bitter Life of Božena Nêmcová: A Biographical Collage (Kelcey Parker Ervick)
Abigail Heiniger

Fairy Tale: A Very Short Introduction (Marina Warner)
Manon Hakem-Lemaire

Scotland’s Forgotten Treasure: The Visionary Romances of George MacDonald (Colin Manlove)
Jill Terry Rudy

Tales from the Inner City (Shaun Tan)
Jack Zipes

Dread & Delight: Fairy Tales in an Anxious World (Emily Stamey)
Mark I. West

Figure per Gianni Rodari / Illustrators for Gianni Rodari (Einaudi Ragazzi)
Cristina Bacchilega

Critical Exchanges


Marvels & Tales Volume 34, Number 2 (Fall 2020)

From the Editors

The Secret Life of Things Queering the Museal Gaze in Angela Carter’s Postmodern Curiosity Cabinets
Anna Kérchy

Mise en Abyme and Katabasis: Helen Oyeyemi’s and Tanith Lee’s Reimaginings of “Snow White”
Anita Harris Satkunananthan

B(e)aring the Beast: Deformity, Animality, and the Ableist Gaze in French Literary Variants of “Beauty and the Beast”
Adrion Dula

“Beneath it all Something as yet Unnamed was Coming into Focus”: A Queer Reading of Malinda Lo’s Ash
Suzy Woltmann

Lost without Breadcrumbs: Family, Scapegoating, and the Rationalization of Abuse in Robert Eggers’s The Witch
Kerry Olivetti

The Body Binary: Compulsory Able-bodiedness and Desirably Disabled Futures in Disney’s The Little Mermaid and The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
JC Hammond Sebring and Pauline Greenhill

Texts & Translations
Asinarius, or The Donkey Tale
Translated by Stijn Praet

Dancing on Blades: Rare and Exquisite Folktales from the Carpathian Mountains (Csenge Zalka)
Sarah N. Lawson

The Psychosocial Implications of Disney Movies (Ed. Lauren Dundes)
CJ Guadarrama

Reading Children’s Literature: A Critical Introduction, 2nd edition (Carrie L. Hintz and Eric L. Tribunella)
Jennifer Geer

Teaching Fairy Tales (Ed. Nancy L. Canepa)
Mary L. Sellers

Workers’ Tales: Socialist Fairy Tales, Fables, and Allegories from Great Britain (Ed. Michael Rosen)
Claire Schmidt

American Trickster: Trauma, Tradition, and Brer Rabbit (Emily Zobel Marshall)
Claire Schmidt

The Fabulous Journey of Alice and Pinocchio: Exploring Their Parallel Worlds (Laura Tosi with Peter Hunt)
Azadeh Najafian

Fairy Tales on the Teen Screen: Rituals of Girlhood (Athena Bellas)
Kathryn M. Holmes

Music in Disney’s Animated Features: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Jungle Book (James Bohn)
Jill Terry Rudy

Peterborough Folklore (Francis Young)
Heather M. Hoyt

Shakespeare’s Folktale Sources (Charlotte Artese)
Sara Cleto

Staging Fairyland: Folklore, Children’s Entertainment, and Nineteenth-Century Pantomime (Jennifer Schacker)
Jeana Jorgensen


Index to Volume 34 (2020)

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The following issues are available in print:

34.1: The Two-Hundred-Year Legacy of E. T. A. Hoffmann

33.1: Thinking with Stories

32.1: The Trickster

31.1: Transcultural and Intermedial Fairy Tales and Television

30.1: Rooted in Wonder

29.1: Queer(ing) Fairy Tales

28.1: In Honor of Donald Haase

27.2: The Fairy Tale in Japan


25.2: In Honor of Jacques Barchilon

24.1: The Fairy Tale after Angela Carter

23.1: Fairy Tales and Translation

22.1: Erotic Tales