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Jewish Film & New Media

An International Journal

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Jewish Film & New Media provides an outlet for research into any aspect of Jewish film, television, and new media and is unique in its interdisciplinary nature, exploring the rich and diverse cultural heritage across the globe. The journal is distinctive in bringing together a range of cinemas, televisions, films, programs, and other digital material in one volume and in its positioning of the discussions within a range of contexts—the cultural, historical, textual, and many others.

Jewish Film & New Media Volume 8 Number 1 (Spring 2020)

Decoding the Documentary “Secrets of Kabbalah”: On Jewish Esoteric History and Pop Culture
Brian Ogren

The Savior and the Survivor: Virtual Afterlives in New Media
Jeffrey Shandler

Representations of Refuseniks and Soviet Jewish Emigration in GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
Thaïs Miller

National Fears in Israeli Horror Films
Ido Rosen

On Haltof’s Screening Auschwitz: Wanda Jakobowska’s The Last Stage and the Politics of Commemoration
Michał Oleszczyk

On Harris’s Warriors, Witches, Whores: Women in Israeli Cinema
Karen E. H. Skinazi

On Skorin-Kapov’s Darren Aronofsky’s Films and the Fragility of Hope and Laine’s Bodies in Pain: Emotion and the Cinema of Darren Aronofsky
Benjamin Franz

On Shandler’s Holocaust Memory in the Digital Age: Survivors’ Stories and New Media Practices
Shaina Hammerman

On Hoffman’s Ben Hecht: Fighting Words, Moving Pictures
Christopher Weedman

On Steir-Livny’s Is it OK to Laugh About It? Holocaust Humour, Satire and Parody in Israeli Culture
Nikita Lobanov

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