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Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture

Edited by James Leo Cahill, Luka Arsenjuk, Carl Good, Timothy Holland, and Sara Saljoughi

Subjects: Art, Cultural Studies, Film History, Film Theory and Criticism, Media Studies, Philosophy, Television Studies

Published three times per year
ISSN 1522-5321
E-ISSN 1536-1810

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Since its founding in 1979, Discourse has been committed to publishing work in the theoretical humanities with an emphasis on the critical study of film, literature, the visual arts, and related audiovisual media. The journal seeks contributions that explore the relations of these and other cultural phenomena to questions of language, philosophy, politics, psychoanalysis, history, and area studies, as well as theories of gender, race, and sexuality.

For submission and editorial information, please contact Managing Editor Emma Ben Ayoun at discourse.journal0@gmail.com or visit http://digitalcommons.wayne.edu/discourse.

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Discourse Volume 44, Number 2 (Spring 2022)

Death to Bureaucrats! The Bureaucrat Comedy from the Soviet Union to Cuba (1928–1966)
Laura-Zoë Humphreys

Toward a Phenomenology of Film Production
Kartik Nair

Time Lapse Looped in Hollis Frampton’s Remote Control
John Powers

“. . . And the Gods Made Love”: Jimi Hendrix, Édouard Glissant, and the Critique of Sonic Empiricism
Ethan Plaue

Snow Noir and the Topology of Shame
Tamás Nagypál

Book Reviews
“Making the World Move”: Review of Figure and Force in Animation Aesthetics
Dan Bashara

“Analogy as Framework”: Review of Shimmering Images: Trans Cinema, Embodiment, and the Aesthetics of Change
Tianhui Huang

“Disformations, or How Affects Disturb Forms”: Review of Disformations: Affects, Media, Literature
Alexandra Irimia


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