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Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture

Edited by James Leo Cahill, Luka Arsenjuk, Carl Good, Timothy Holland, and Sara Saljoughi

Subjects: Art, Cultural Studies, Film History, Film Theory and Criticism, Media Studies, Philosophy, Television Studies

Published three times per year
ISSN 1522-5321
E-ISSN 1536-1810

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Since its founding in 1979, Discourse has been committed to publishing work in the theoretical humanities with an emphasis on the critical study of film, literature, the visual arts, and related audiovisual media. The journal seeks contributions that explore the relations of these and other cultural phenomena to questions of language, philosophy, politics, psychoanalysis, history, and area studies, as well as theories of gender, race, and sexuality.

For submission and editorial information, please contact Managing Editor Emma Ben Ayoun at discourse@cinema.usc.edu or visit http://digitalcommons.wayne.edu/discourse.

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Discourse Volume 42, Number 3 (Fall 2020)

Coming and Going: Nolot, Barthes, and the Porn Theater
Jules O’Dwyer

Looking Back and Away: Jaime Barrios’s Film Club (1968)
Jessica Gordon-Burroughs

In the Flesh: Balázs, Brakhage, and the Anatomy of Filmic Gesture
Stephan Boman

Madea Sensation: Paradox and Trans Feminist Possibilities in Tyler Perry’s Work
Nicole Erin Morse

Contact Traces: On the Creative Technology of Video Game Gore
David Rambo

Work Is Beautiful: A New Cinema Genre? Review of Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky’s The Process Genre: Cinema and the Aesthetic of Labor
Jonathan Buchsbaum

The Legacies of the Red Army Faction in Germany: Review of Christina Gerhardt’s Screening the Red Army Faction: Historical and Cultural Memory
Ryan Watson

Interpretation: Do You Dig This Crypt? Review of Ofer Eliaz’s Cinematic Cryptonymies
Fan Wu


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The following issues are available in print:

42.1-2: Cinema, Modernism, and the Perplexing Methods of Stanley Cavell

41.2-3: In Honor of Peggy Kamuf

40.2: The Logic of Separation

39.3: Documentary Audibilities
39.2: Photoelectric Technologies of Liberation

38.1: Media and Materiality in Latin America

37.3: Science/Animation
37.1-2: Derrida and Cinema

36.1: Special Issue: After Glissant: Caribbean Aesthetics and the Politics of Relation

35.2: Special Issue: Motion Pictures: Politics of Perception


33.2: The Meaning of "Life"

32.3: Lugubrious Games
32.2: Transpositions
32.1: Benjamin in Latin America

31.3: Translation and Embodiment in National and Transnational Asian Film and Media
31.1-2: On the Genealogy of Media

30.3: Cinema and Accident
30.1-2: "Who?" or "What?"—Jacques Derrida