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A Global Journal of Australian/New Zealand Literature

Edited by Brenda Machosky

Subjects: Cultural Studies, Fiction, Language and Literature, Literary Criticism and Theory, Poetry

Published 2 times per year
ISSN 0893-5580
E-ISSN 2331-9089

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The official publication of the American Association of Australasian Literary Studies, Antipodes is published in June and December of each year. The journal welcomes critical essays on any aspect of Australian and New Zealand literature and culture, and comparative studies are especially encouraged. Additionally, Antipodes publishes short fiction, excerpts from novels, drama, and poetry written by Australian and New Zealand authors.

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Antipodes Volume 35, Issues 1 & 2 (June/December 2021)

From the Editor

About the Cover


American Association of Australasian Literary Studies Creative Writing Competition Awards

Drifters — Rosanna E. Licari (Poetry Winner)

The Hero of My Bones — Susan M. Hancock (Fiction Winner)

Beach Road — Catherine Padmore (Honorable Mention in Fiction)

Special Section on the Work of Christos Tsiolkas
Guest editor: Barbara M. Hoffmann

Introduction: Christos Tsiolkas: Rage, Discomfort, Disgust . . . and Beauty
Barbara M. Hoffmann

The Politics of Disgust: Form and Feeling in Christos Tsiolkas’s Merciless Gods
Keyvan Allahyari and Tyne Daile Sumner

Class, Rage, and Staging the Revolution: Tsiolkas’s Theater
David Burton, Jessica Gildersleeve, and Kathryn Kelly

“The Sopranos Meets The Real Housewives of Orange County”: The Publishing of Christos Tsiolkas’s The Slap in the United States
Per Henningsgaard

Tsiolkas in the Classroom: Confronting Our Discomfort
Jessica Gildersleeve, Kate Cantrell, Nycole Prowse, Sharon Bickle, and India Bryce

Special Section on Book History and Publishing Studies in Australia and New Zealand
Guest editor: Per Henningsgaard

Introduction: Social Hour for Australia’s Scholars of Book History and Publishing Studies
Per Henningsgaard

The Miles Franklin Literary Award: Investigating the Value of a Local Prize on the Global Stage
Airlie Lawson and Catriona Mills

Australian Authors in the House of William Morrow: Writing Good Commercial Fiction for the US Market
Roger Osborne and David Carter

Measuring “Diversity” in Australian Publishing: An Overview and a Proposal
Jodie Lea Martire

Aura and Access: Toward a New Methodology for Book Exhibitions in the Digital Realm
Julia C. Rodwell and Anna Welch

Peripatetic Printers of Early Nineteenth-Century Australia: The Interconnected Stories of Howe, Bent, and Fawkner
Jocelyn Hargrave

Imagining Mallee Readers: Literary Infrastructures of a Regional Community
Brigid Magner and Emily Potter

Cold Tea at the End of August — Kristian Radford

pop art — Feana Tu‘akoi

3.8 in Otautahi — Gregory Dally

Questions Raised by Australian A-frames — Samantha Johnson

Talking back — Ouyang Yu

Needs — S. C. Flynn

Blister — Joel Deane

1983 — Rachael Mead

Self-Portrait with Moreton Bay Figs: Melbourne. 26.9.2021 — Susan Fealy

6.3.8 (37) (Darkin River, Fire Dam) — Catherine Noske

Turning my back on Australians overseas — Brendan Ryan

Outskirts — Angela Costi

Annulus — Anne Elvey

The Key — Felicity Plunkett

Fiction and Creative Nonfiction
Interval North — Dominique Hecq

Somebody’s Child — Jena Woodhouse

Genetic Drift — Rose Michael

K.J. — Geoff Goodfellow

Duplex — Stuart Barnes

In Transit —Frances Rouse

my father types me a note and in it writes “for the reasons given” rather than actually using the word depression — Paula Harris

Ribbon Kelp — Audrey Molloy

That Is Not My Telephone Ringing — Ben Hession

The black b-double — Tom Coverdale

The Tractor Job — B. R. Dionysius

To see an owl in the day, wisdom must come — Anne Casey

What I Was Looking For — David Adès

Creative Prose

Cheesecake — Anna Denejkina

What Remains — Denise O’Hagan

Eden — Luna Mrozik Gawler

From All Over...About Down Under
From France
Temiti Lehartel

From Offices and Living Rooms around the World
Barbara M. Hoffmann and Ann-Marie Blanchard


Geoff Rodoreda and Eva Bischoff, eds. Mabo’s Cultural Legacy — Rhonda Evans

Jessica Gildersleeve, ed. The Routledge Companion to Australian Literature — Geoff Rodoreda


Christos Tsiolkas. 7½ — Richard Car

Amanda Lohrey. The Labyrinth — Eric Heyne

H. C. Gildfind. Born Sleeping — Farisa Khalid


Diane Brown. Every Now and Then I Have Another Child — Brendan Kiernan

Lynley Edmeades. Listening In — Michaela Coplen

Elizabeth Morton. This is your real name — Gabriel Dunsmith



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