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A Global Journal of Australian/New Zealand Literature

Edited by Brenda Machosky

Subjects: Cultural Studies, Fiction, Language and Literature, Literary Criticism and Theory, Poetry

Published 2 times per year
ISSN 0893-5580
E-ISSN 2331-9089

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The official publication of the American Association of Australasian Literary Studies, Antipodes is published in June and December of each year. The journal welcomes critical essays on any aspect of Australian and New Zealand literature and culture, and comparative studies are especially encouraged. Additionally, Antipodes publishes short fiction, excerpts from novels, drama, and poetry written by Australian and New Zealand authors.

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Antipodes Volume 32, Issues 1-2 (June-December 2018)

Jordie Albiston — revelation

Dan Disney — Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha: (six sijo/stlings)

Anne Elvey — carrum carrum

Michael Farrell — Amnesia

Philip Hammial — Friday November 11, 2016 (Black Friday)

Barry Hill — Reading Chuang Tzu in Seoul

Sarah Holland-Batt — Prohibition

Carol Jenkins — The Game, Old Delhi

Robyn Rowland — The Book House Hotel, Bursa

Todd Turner — The Raft

Rodney Williams — Red parrot

Jena Woodhouse — Travelers with Gifts from Crete

Fiction/Creative Nonfiction
Ouyang Yu — “Ouyang and Yu”: Ouyang in Yu and Ouyang on Yu

Stephen Oliver — One Day in the Life of Richard Ramos

Michelle Hamadache — Primal Tide of Blank

Jane Downing — The Fox Hunter

John Kinsella – Having Kittens

Ron Pretty — White and Friend

Stephen Oliver — Song of the Immigrant

Jo Langdon — One hand

John Kinsella – Goozi

Enzo J. Condello — Richard Nixon in Florida

Elisabeth Hanscombe — Brittle Bones


Niki Tulk What (M)Other Can I Be?

Luma Balaa — Exploring Thirdspace in Nada Awar Jarrar’s Unsafe Haven

Stephane Christophe Cordier — Tim Winton’s In the Winter Dark and the Settler Condition

Donna Mazza — Kangaroos and Predators in Recent Australian Fiction: A Post-Pastoral Reading

Stephen Conlon — A Literary Alchemist: The Many Worlds of Michael Wilding (a Fragment from a Study of His Writings)

Russell McDougall — Picnic with Nuns and Natives

Megan Mooney Taylor — “Be Men If You Can’t Be Artists!”: Masculinity in the Fiction of Norman Lindsay

Brian Reed — Another Dimension: Sweeney Reed’s Visual Poetics

Matthew Hall — Forced Poetics in Lionel Fogarty’s “Disguised, not attitude” and “Bam Gayandi”

Owen Bullock — Semiotics and Poetry: Toward a Taxonomy of Page Space

David C. Muller — Uchronic Australia: Serious Issues Are Raised in Two Alternate Histories of Australia during the Pacific War

Jo Lennan — New York Picaresque: The Cosmopolitanism of Christina Stead’s Letty Fox: Her Luck

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Guidelines for Contributors

Book Reviews

Kim Scott, Taboo — Chelsey Zibell

Charlotte Wood, The Natural Way of Things — Eric Heyne

Richard Flanagan, First Person — Richard Carr

Robert Drewe, Whipbird — Craig Sanders

Michael Wilding, In the Valley of the Weed — Micah Allen

Paul Mitchell, We. Are. Family. — Matt Wharton

Inga Simpson, Where the Trees Were — Maeve Kirk

Petra White, Reading for a Quiet Morning — Dan Disney

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