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A Global Journal of Australian/New Zealand Literature

Edited by Belinda Wheeler

Subjects: Cultural Studies, Fiction, Language and Literature, Literary Criticism and Theory, Poetry

Published 2 times per year
ISSN 0893-5580
E-ISSN 2331-9089

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The official publication of the American Association of Australasian Literary Studies, Antipodes is published in June and December of each year. The journal welcomes critical essays on any aspect of Australian and New Zealand literature and culture, and comparative studies are especially encouraged. Additionally, Antipodes publishes short fiction, excerpts from novels, drama, and poetry written by Australian and New Zealand authors.

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Antipodes Volume 31, Issue 1 (June 2017)

Annie Blake — Shooting Up with You

Eileen Chong — Autumn

Suzanne Edgar — If Only

Marcelle Freiman — Poinsettias

Peter Goldsworthy — Anatomy of a Metaphor

Geoff Goodfellow — Kapok Pillow

Geoff Page — What is to be said

Ron Pretty — Merlin

Brendan Ryan — The Lowlands of Moyne

Anna Ryan-Punch — The Bone Buried

Corey Wakeling — r > g

Chris Wallace-Crabbe — Demurely

Fiction/Creative Nonfiction
Margaret Barbalet — Wire, and again wire

Tom Dullemond — Lifting the Veil

Catherine Ryan — Getting a Word

Ashleigh Synnott — Cleaning Products

Enzo Condello — The Nero Conspiracy

Kelly Frame — “The Last Place”: The Uncanny Australia of David Mitchell

Hasti Abbasi — The Ideology of Exile in an Imaginary Life

Jean-François Vernay — The Ringside View of Australian Fiction

Binoy Kampmark — Securitization, Refugees, and Australia’s Turn Back the Boats Policy, 2013–2015

Nigel Starck — The First Celebrity: Anthony Trollope’s Australasian Odyssey

Ellen Moody — On Inventing a New Country: Trollope’s Depiction of Settler Colonialism

Amy Mead and Amy Matthews — The Vessel and the Trace in Anna Funder’s Stasiland

Harriet L. McInerney — Apprehending Landscapes: The Uncanny and Gerald Murnane’s The Plains

Robert Dixon — “Communications from Below”: Scalar Transformations in Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North (2013) and Steven Carroll’s A World of Other People (2013)

Cheryl M. Taylor — “It Fits Where It Touches”: Ronald McKie’s Fiction and 1970s Feminism

About the  Cover

Interview — Keyvan Allahyari and Dominic Smith in Conversation


Guidelines for  Contributors

Book Reviews
Anita Heiss, Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms — Caitlin Woolley

Ian Reid, The Mind’s Own Place — Ryan Henderson

Joan London, The Golden Age — Amy Marsh

Jock Serong, The Rules of Backyard Cricket — Patrick Barney

Alastair Sarre, Ecstasy Lake: A Steve West Novel — Matt Wharton

MTC Cronin, The Law of Poetry — Eric-Alain Parker

Maxine Beneba Clarke, The Hate Race — Megan Bush



Antipodes Volume 31, Issue 2 (December 2017)

Peter Boyle — Stepping from a dark bedroom onto the wide veranda, daybreak

Michelle Cahill — Restraint, . . . or a lover’s appeal for Sophrosyne

Jennifer Compton — Timeshare in Coolangatta

Sarah Day — Fog

John Grey — Of Nature and Nurture

Virginia Jealous — Osprey

Les Murray — Silo Portraits, Western Victoria

Mark O’Flynn — Bio Note

Jan Owen — from Six Views of Edo

Craig Sherborne — Bliss

Edith Speers — Dreaming the Cube

Simon West — The Broken River

Fiction/Creative Nonfiction
Barrie Smillie — Nice Doggie

Anna Denejkina — The Apartment

Caitlin Doyle-Markwick — The Eviction

Jeanine Leane — Gathering: The Politics of Memory and Contemporary Aboriginal Women’s Writing

Tim Wright — Across Time: Laurie Duggan’s Blue Hills

Jamie Derkenne — Richard Flanagan’s and Alexis Wright’s Magic Nihilism

Harriette Richards — Reading Lady Barker: Fashioning Femininity in Colonial New Zealand

Li Jingyan — Chineseness, Australianness, Homelessness: The Home Song Stories: Retold in a Spatial Perspective

Keyvan Allahyari — Reading beyond Jack Maggs, Configuring a World

Geoff Rodoreda — Sovereignty, Mabo, and Indigenous Fiction

Marie Herbillon — A Piano Made in Australia: Reinventing an Emblem of Cultural Wealth in Murray Bail’s The Voyage

Suzette Mayr — “Misfit” College: The Sentient House as Thing in Joan Lindsay’s Picnic at Hanging Rock

Audrey J. Golden — Dialogic Constitution-Making: Keri Hulme’s the bone people and New Zealand’s Constitutional Crisis

Lyn J. Jacobs — Gardens and Inscription: Fictions by Tan Twan Eng and Fiona McGregor

About the Cover

Interview — Project Anywhere: Niki Tulk Interviews Sean Lowry

Interview — Visual and Aural World of Contemporary Society: Pradeep Trikha Interviews Vivian Smith


Guidelines for Contributors

Book Reviews

Alec Patrić, Black Rock White City — Nataša Kampmark

Felix Calvino, So Much Smoke — Elle Fournier

David Brooks, Napoleon’s Roads — Megan Mericle

Tim Winton, The Boy behind the Curtain — Katherine Mulcrone

Anna Wickham; Nathanael O’Reilly, ed., New and Selected Poems of Anna Wickham — Kori Hensell

J. H. Crone, Our Lady of the Fence Post — Niki Tulk

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