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A Global Journal of Australian/New Zealand Literature

Edited by Belinda Wheeler

Subjects: Cultural Studies, Fiction, Language and Literature, Literary Criticism and Theory, Poetry

Published 2 times per year
ISSN 0893-5580
E-ISSN 2331-9089

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The official publication of the American Association of Australasian Literary Studies, Antipodes is published in June and December of each year. The journal welcomes critical essays on any aspect of Australian and New Zealand literature and culture, and comparative studies are especially encouraged. Additionally, Antipodes publishes short fiction, excerpts from novels, drama, and poetry written by Australian and New Zealand authors.

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Antipodes Volume 30, Issue 2 (December 2016)

Deb Adamson — On Rocky Crossing

Frances Rouse — Lifting Meringue

Peter Bakowski — Suggestion Box

Donata Carrazza — The Work

Kathryn Fry — Under the Old Tangle

E. A. Gleeson — Poetic Perspective

Cassandra J. O’Loughlin — Driving Inland

Lisa Gorton — Empirical III

Vanessa Kirkpatrick — Each Stitch

Mark Mahemoff — Morning Triptych

Michael Thorley — Recital

Andrew Sant — The Great Ocean Road

Fiction/Creative Nonfiction
Carmel Bird — The Matter of the Mosque

Patrick West Doorknocking

Antony Millen — Fishing the Pungapunga

Brigitta Olubas — The Event of Hiroshima in Australian Literature

Gerardo Rodríguez-Salas — New Zealand or Nowheresville: Nation and Community in Janet Frame’s Living in the Maniototo

Daniel Hempel — “This Fantastic Land of Monstrosities”: The Aesthetic of the Australian Grotesque in the Long Nineteenth Century

Shyamasri Maji — Re-viewing the Anglo-Indian Self in Multicultural Australia: A Critical Study of David McMahon’s Vegemite Vindaloo

Adelle L. Sefton-Rowston — Hope at the End of the World: Creation Stories and Apocalypse in Alexis Wright’s Carpentaria and The Swan Book

Daniel Brennan — Erik Jensen’s Adam Cullen: Art’s Confrontation with the Law

Xu Daozhi — Transformation and Collaboration in the Paratexts of Australian Indigenous Children’s Literature

John Beston — From Bereavement to Immanence and Beyond: The Poetry of Michael Thorley

Lyndall Nairn — What’s a Bad Boy like You Doing in a Nice Place like This? Ned Kelly Faces Off against American College Freshmen

About the  Cover

Remembering Phyllis Edelson

Interview — Belinda Wheeler interviews Heat and Light Author Ellen van Neerven


Guidelines for  Contributors

Book Reviews
Patricia Grace, Chappy — Craig Sanders

Alastair Sarre, Ecstasy Lake — Maeve Kirk

Gerald Murnane, A Million Windows — Hans Burger

Mark O’Flynn, The Last Days of Ava Langdon — Derek Hinckley

Peggy Frew, Hope Farm — Marjorie C. Allison

Julie Koh, Portable Curiosities — Lisa E. Balvanz

Suzanne Falkiner, Mick: A Life of Randolph Stow — John Beston

Dan Disney, Either, Orpheus — Chelsey Zibell

Robyn Rowland, This Intimate War: Gallipoli/Çanakkale 1915, with Turkish translations by Mehmet Ali Çelikel — Danny Dyer

Social History
Henry Reynolds, Unnecessary Wars — Richard Carr



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