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Italian Folktales in America

The Verbal Art of an Immigrant Woman

By Elizabeth Mathias and Richard Raspa

A collection that greatly enriches our understanding of who told (and tells) märchen (Italian folktales) to whom, why and how they are told, and, perhaps most important, under what conditions.

Published: October 1988
ISBN: 9780814321225
Published: October 1988
ISBN: 9780814338360

Discourse and Discrimination

Edited by Geneva Smitherman-Donaldson and Teun A. van Dijk

Lingusitic and communicative dimensions of the propagation of racism through the media, everyday language, and the educational curriculum.

Published: April 1988
ISBN: 9780814319581

Talkin and Testifyin

The Language of Black America

by Geneva Smitherman

In this book, Smitherman makes a substantial contribution to an understanding of Black English by setting it in the larger context of Black culture and life style.

Published: January 1986
ISBN: 9780814318058

O City of Byzantium

Annals of Niketas Choniates

Translated by Harry J. Magoulias

One of the most important accounts of the Middle Ages, the history of Niketas Choniates describes the Byzantine Empire from 1118 to 1207. Niketas provides an eyewitness account of the sack of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade.

Published: September 1984
ISBN: 9780814317648

Architecture in Michigan

Revised and Enlarged Edition

Wayne Andrews

A pictorial survey of Michigan architecture from 1831 to the present.

Published: September 1982
ISBN: 9780814317198
Published: September 1982
ISBN: 9780814317181

Greek Realities

Life and Thought in Ancient Greece

Finley Hooper

A history of ancient Greek life and thought from the Mycenaean kings to Alexander, Aristotle and Diogenes.

Published: August 1978
ISBN: 9780814315972

Roman Realities

Finley Hooper

Based on the major primary sources of Roman history, this book recalls the experiences of the ancient Romans through a thousand years of their history.

Published: January 1978
ISBN: 9780814315941