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Women's Studies



Paper Bridges

Selected Poems of Kadya Molodowsky

Translated, introduced, and edited by Kathryn Hellerstein

A collection of poems by an accomplished modern Yiddish poet.

Published: June 1999
ISBN: 9780814327180
Published: June 1999
ISBN: 9780814328460
Published: June 1999
ISBN: 9780814338292

Jewish Women in Historical Perspective

Edited by Judith R. Baskin

A collection of fully-revised and new essays that explore the richness of Jewish women's history.

Published: December 1998
ISBN: 9780814327135

Woman at the Window

Biblical Tales of Oppression and Escape

Nehama Aschkenasy

In this book, Aschkenasy analyzes the Woman at the Window image, allowing for new interpretation of the classic myths surrounding it.

Published: October 1998
ISBN: 9780814326275
Published: October 1998
ISBN: 9780814340882

Tell It to Women

An Epic Drama for Women

Osonye Tess Onwueme
Foreword by Ngugi wa Thiong’o

Tell It To Women gives traditional rural women a voice: the women from Idu break from their assumed position of silence and powerlessness to confront the urban women who believe their western education gives them the authority to speak for all women.

Published: March 1997
ISBN: 9780814326497
Published: March 1997
ISBN: 9780814336779

Odyssey of Exile

Jewish Women Flee the Nazis for Brazil

Edited with Introductions by Katherine Morris

Odyssey of Exile paints a sensitive a compelling portrait of German-Jewish women who fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.

Published: June 1996
ISBN: 9780814325636

Broken Patterns

Professional Women and the Quest for a New Feminine Identity

Anita M. Harris

In Broken Patterns, Anita Harris reveals how a powerful mother-daughter dynamic has shaped the experience of professional women in America.

Published: June 1995
ISBN: 9780814325513

Women of the Word

Jewish Women and Jewish Writing

Edited by Judith R. Baskin

Women of the Word is part of an emerging effort to listen to the voices of Jewish women both past and present.

Published: October 1994
ISBN: 9780814324233

Discarded Legacy

Politics and Poetics in the Life of Frances E. W. Harper, 1825-1911

By Melba Joyce Boyd

In this important study, poet Melba Joyce Boyd analyzes Harper not simply as a feminist and an activist, but as a writer.

Published: June 1994
ISBN: 9780814324899

Wings of Gauze

Women of Color and the Experience of Health and Illness

Edited by Barbara Bair and Susan E. Cayleff
With a Foreword by Helen Rodriquez-Trias, M.D., President, American Public Health Association

Wings of Gauze is a mulitdisciplinary anthology of original essays written about the experiences of women of color in the United States—African American, Hispanic American, Native American, and Southeast Asian American.

Published: August 1993
ISBN: 9780814323021

Hatshepsut, Speak to Me

Ruth Whitman

An innovative and adventurous book, this collection of poems is in the form of a conversation with Queen Hatshepsut, the only woman pharaoh in ancient Egypt.

Published: June 1992
ISBN: 9780814323809
Published: June 1992
ISBN: 9780814323793

The Hebrew Goddess

Raphael Patai
Foreword by William G. Dever

A revised edition containing new chapters on the Shekhina.

Published: September 1990
ISBN: 9780814322710
Published: September 1990
ISBN: 9780814338216

Women in Hellenistic Egypt

From Alexander to Cleopatra

Sarah B. Pomeroy

Using evidence from a wide array of sources, Sarah Pomeroy discusses women ranging from queens such as Arsinoë II and Cleopatra VII to Jewish slaves working on a Greek estate.

Published: February 1990
ISBN: 9780814322307

Italian Folktales in America

The Verbal Art of an Immigrant Woman

By Elizabeth Mathias and Richard Raspa

A collection that greatly enriches our understanding of who told (and tells) märchen (Italian folktales) to whom, why and how they are told, and, perhaps most important, under what conditions.

Published: October 1988
ISBN: 9780814321225
Published: October 1988
ISBN: 9780814338360

Women's Voices from Latin America

Selections from Twelve Contemporary Authors

Edited with Translations by Evelyn Picon Garfield

Selections from twelve contemporary authors.

Published: November 1987
ISBN: 9780814319628