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Byron and the Jews

Sheila A. Spector

A full-length critical inquiry into the complex interrelationship between the British poet and the Jews.

Published: July 2010
ISBN: 9780814334423
Published: July 2010
ISBN: 9780814335406

The Heart Is a Mirror

The Sephardic Folktale

Tamar Alexander-Frizer

A groundbreaking and comprehensive study of the Sephardic folktale as it relates to group identity and narrative culture.

Published: December 2007
ISBN: 9780814329719
Published: December 2007
ISBN: 9780814340059

Foreign Words

Translator-Authors in the Age of Goethe

Susan Bernofsky

A new perspective on the principal developments in translation practice and theory in Germany during the Age of Goethe with emphasis on the work of Goethe, Hölderlin, and Kleist as translators.

Published: September 2005
ISBN: 9780814337356

Facing the Glass Booth

The Jerusalem Trial of Adolf Eichmann

Haim Gouri
Translated by Michael Swirsky
With a Foreword by Alan Mintz

A detailed historical account of Adolf Eichmann’s trial that changed attitudes toward Holocaust survivors in Israeli society.

Published: November 2004
ISBN: 9780814330876

King Solomon and the Golden Fish

Tales from the Sephardic Tradition

Texts Collected and Edited by Matilda Koén-Sarano
Translated and Annotated by Reginetta Haboucha
Preamble by Yoel Shalom Perez

A collection of fifty-four Judeo-Spanish folktales taken from the rich heritage of Sephardic oral storytelling and translated into English for the first time.

Published: August 2004
ISBN: 9780814331668
Published: August 2004
ISBN: 9780814341872

The Modern Hebrew Poem Itself

A New and Updated Edition

Edited by Stanley Burnshaw, T. Carmi, Susan Glassman, Ariel Hirschfeld, and Ezra Spicehandler

A collection of modern Hebrew poetry that presents the poems in the original Hebrew, with an English phonetic transcription.

Published: February 2003
ISBN: 9780814324851

The Blessed Abyss

Inmate #6582 in Ravensbrück Concentration Camp for Women

Nanda Herbermann
Translated by Hester Baer
Edited by Hester Baer and Elizabeth R. Baer

One woman’s memories of her deportation to Ravensbrück Concentration Camp for Women in July 1941.

Published: September 2000
ISBN: 9780814329207
Published: September 2000
ISBN: 9780814329047
Published: September 2000
ISBN: 9780814337684

Paper Bridges

Selected Poems of Kadya Molodowsky

Translated, introduced, and edited by Kathryn Hellerstein

A collection of poems by an accomplished modern Yiddish poet.

Published: June 1999
ISBN: 9780814327180
Published: June 1999
ISBN: 9780814328460
Published: June 1999
ISBN: 9780814338292

Profiles of a Lost World

Memoirs of East European Jewish Life before World War II

Hirsz Abramowicz
Translated by Eva Zeitlin Dobkin
Edited by Dina Abramowicz and Jeffrey Shandler
Introductions by David E. Fishman and Dina Abramowicz

Profiles of a Lost World is a source of information about Eastern Europe before World War II.

Published: April 1999
ISBN: 9780814327845

In the Wilderness with the Red Indians

German Missionary to the Michigan Indians, 1847-1853

E. R. Baierlein
Translated by Anita Z. Boldt
Edited with an Introduction by Harold W. Moll
Foreword by Pastor Richard Latterner

This is an historical account of a Lutheran missionary's life with American Indians in central lower Michigan in the 19th century.

Published: November 1996
ISBN: 9780814325810

The Autobiography of a Slave / Autobiografia de un Esclavo

by Juan Francisco Manzano
Introduction and Modernized Spanish Version by Ivan A. Schulman
Translated by Evelyn Picon Garfield

A heart-rendering history of the systematic, unrelenting destruction of human dignity and individual will.

Published: January 1996
ISBN: 9780814325384

An Anthology of Modern Yiddish Poetry

Bilingual Edition

Selected and Translated by Ruth Whitman

Originally published in 1966, An Anthology of Modern Yiddish Poetry was the first bilingual anthology to feature the rich, spirited, and passionate Yiddish poetry of the twentieth century

Published: May 1995
ISBN: 9780814325339

I Want to Fall Like This

Selected Poems of Rukhl Fishman, A Bilingual Edition

Selected Poems of Rukhl Fishman
Translated from the Yiddish by Seymour Levitan
With an Introduction by David G. Roskies

Selected poems from Rukhl Fishman.

Published: October 1994
ISBN: 9780814325414

Introduction to the Human Sciences

An Attempt to Lay a Foundation for the Study of Society and History

Wilhelm Dilthey
Translated with an Introductory Essay by Ramon J. Betanzos

As a contribution to the issue of the methodologies of the humanities and social sciences, the Introduction works to address issues of the human sciences and their place in relations to natural sciences.

Published: December 1988
ISBN: 9780814318980

Cinema and History

Marc Ferro
Translated by Naomi Greene

Ferro discusses how film reveals the conscious values of its creators, the dominant ideology of the society in which the film was created, and also unconscious or subverted meanings and values.

Published: July 1988
ISBN: 9780814319055


A Study in the Fantastic

Maurice Lévy
Translated by S. T. Joshi

Broader than a thematic study, however, Lévy's analysis is unique in his use of Lovecraft's work as a model for fantastic writing in general and in his provocative theory as to why Lovecraft wrote the sort of works he did.

Published: March 1988
ISBN: 9780814319567

Jerusalem Delivered

An English Prose Version

Torquato Tasso
Translated and Edited by Ralph Nash

Ralph Nash, in his approach to Gerusalemme Liberata, concluded that a close, fluent translation in prose of Tasso's epic would offer the most successful rendering of this important chivalric romance.

Published: April 1987
ISBN: 9780814318300
Published: April 1987
ISBN: 9780814337561