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Political Science


Masters and Servants

The Hudson’s Bay Company and Its North American Workforce, 1668–1786

Scott P. Stephen

An essential examination of the role of labourers in early modern Atlantic political-economic history.

Published: December 2019
ISBN: 9781772123371

Ukrainian Studies in Canada: Texts and Contexts

Proceedings of the CIUS Fortieth Anniversary Conference, 14–15 October 2016

Volodymyr Kravchenko, Editor

Conference proceedings discussing the past, present, and future of Ukrainian studies in North America.

Published: May 2019
ISBN: 9781894865517

Remembering Air India

The Art of Public Mourning

Chandrima Chakraborty, Amber Dean & Angela Failler, Editors

A multi-layered examination of the bombing of Air India Flight 182, and its representation.

Published: July 2017
ISBN: 9781772122596

Trudeau’s Tango

Alberta Meets Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 1968–1972

Darryl Raymaker

An insightful history of the fractious early relationship between Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Alberta.

Published: June 2017
ISBN: 9781772122657

Beyond "Understanding Canada"

Transnational Perspectives on Canadian Literature

Melissa Tanti, Jeremy Haynes, Daniel Coleman & Lorraine York, Editors

A trenchant scholarly exploration of how Canadian literature circulates in a transnational world.

Published: May 2017
ISBN: 9781772122695

Farm Workers in Western Canada

Injustices and Activism

Shirley A. McDonald & Bob Barnetson, Editors

In-depth look at social, political, and economic conditions affecting farm workers’ struggles for their rights.

Published: December 2016
ISBN: 9781772121384

Seeking Order in Anarchy

Multilateralism as State Strategy

Robert W. Murray, Editor

Fifteen scholars examine theoretical foundations and the practice of multilateralism in contemporary world affairs.

Published: November 2016
ISBN: 9781772121391

Care, Cooperation and Activism in Canada’s Northern Social Economy

Frances Abele & Chris Southcott, Editors

Fifteen social economy case studies of community institutions organized by residents across Canada’s north.

Published: October 2016
ISBN: 9781772120875

Representation and Citizenship

Edited by Richard Marback

Representation and Citizenship establishes the terms for engaging the meanings of citizenship in the world today by framing the issue as a pull between founding beliefs and multicultural trajectories.

Published: October 2016
ISBN: 9780814342466
Published: October 2016
ISBN: 9780814342473

The Meaning of Citizenship

Edited by Richard Marback and Marc W. Kruman

An interdisciplinary exploration of four key issues in the theory and practice of citizenship.

Published: November 2015
ISBN: 9780814341308
Published: November 2015
ISBN: 9780814341315


Rethinking Age and Citizenship

Edited by Richard Marback

A comprehensive examination of age, aging, and generational differences and the nature of citizenship.

Published: February 2015
ISBN: 9780814340806
Published: February 2015
ISBN: 9780814340813

The Remarkable Chester Ronning

Proud Son of China

Brian L. Evans

Chester Ronning's life story offers a candid view of Canada's post-WWII diplomacy and China relations.

Published: June 2013
ISBN: 9780888646637

Métis in Canada

History, Identity, Law and Politics

Christopher Adams, Gregg Dahl & Ian Peach

Twelve essays look at Canadian Métis today in terms of history, identity, law, and politics.

Published: May 2013
ISBN: 9780888646408

The Quotations of Mayor Coleman A. Young

Edited by Bill McGraw

New edition of the popular pocket-sized collection of former Detroit mayor Coleman Young’s most memorable quotes.

Published: May 2005
ISBN: 9780814332603
Published: May 2005
ISBN: 9780814335741

Caribbean Labor and Politics

Legacies of Cheddi Jagan and Michael Manley

Edited by Perry Mars & Alma H. Young

A pioneering collection of studies linking the political and labor backgrounds of two distinguished and dynamic leaders of the Caribbean and the Third World.

Published: May 2004
ISBN: 9780814332115

Churches and Urban Government in Detroit and New York, 1895-1994

Henry J. Pratt
Preface by Ronald Brown

This groundbreaking study analyzes the relationship between the two powerful forces—church organizations and urban politics—within New York City and Detroit during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Published: February 2004
ISBN: 9780814331729
Published: February 2004
ISBN: 9780814336687

White Nationalism, Black Interests

Conservative Public Policy and the Black Community

Ronald W. Walters

A study of the most racially conscious aspect of the Conservative movement and its impact on politics and current public policy.

Published: August 2003
ISBN: 9780814330203

The Politics of Black Empowerment

The Transformation of Black Activism in Urban America

James Jennings

The Politics of Black Empowerment uses the experiences of grassroots activists to develop various conceptualizations and explanations of Black political behavior today.

Published: August 2000
ISBN: 9780814323182
Published: August 2000
ISBN: 9780814323175
Published: August 2000
ISBN: 9780814336618

Ideology and Change

The Transformation of the Caribbean Left

Perry Mars

Leftist political movements, organizations, and trends in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Published: December 1998
ISBN: 9780814327692
Published: December 1998
ISBN: 9780814338513

Pan Africanism in the African Diaspora

An Analysis of Modern Afrocentric Political Movements

Ronald W. Walters

Based on original materials gathered from extensive international travel, hundreds of interviews and empirical field research, and text studies Pan-African organizations and their political activities inside black communities.

Published: May 1997
ISBN: 9780814321850