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Knowings and Knots

Methodologies and Ecologies in Research-Creation

Natalie Loveless, Editor

A provocative discussion of knowledge-making, ways of knowing, and what counts as legitimate knowledge transmission.

Published: December 2019
ISBN: 9781772124859

Welcome to the Anthropocene

Alice Major

Poetry, science, ecological calamity, and human-driven climate change. Where do we fit in the universe?

Published: March 2018
ISBN: 9781772123685

Ethics for the Practice of Psychology in Canada, Revised and Expanded Edition

Derek Truscott & Kenneth H. Crook

Canadian psychology textbook on major ethical issues raises awareness, increases knowledge, and promotes ethical decision-making.

Published: May 2013
ISBN: 9780888646521

Time's Visible Surface

Alois Riegl and the Discourse on History and Temporality in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna

Michael Gubser

Expands our understanding of Alois Riegl beyond his role as an art historian to a pivotal figure in cultural theory at large, while placing his interest in history and time within the intellectual world of fin-de-siècle Vienna.

Printed Paper Cased
Published: January 2006
ISBN: 9780814332085
Published: January 2006
ISBN: 9780814337462

Reading Cavell's The World Viewed

A Philosophical Perspective on Film

William Rothman & Marian Keane

A philosophical reexamination of Stanley Cavell’s The World Viewed.

Published: November 2000
ISBN: 9780814328965
Published: November 2000
ISBN: 9780814340103

Walter Benjamin

An Intellectual Biography

Bernd Witte
Translated by James Rolleston

This book provides readers with the opportunity to survey the facts surrounding Benjamin's life and assess the interpretations of his texts.

Published: June 1997
ISBN: 9780814320181

An Introduction to Political Philosophy

Ten Essays by Leo Strauss

Leo Strauss

A reissue of the 1975 edition of Strauss' views regarding the nature of political philosophy.

Published: August 1989
ISBN: 9780814319024

Introduction to the Human Sciences

An Attempt to Lay a Foundation for the Study of Society and History

Wilhelm Dilthey
Translated with an Introductory Essay by Ramon J. Betanzos

As a contribution to the issue of the methodologies of the humanities and social sciences, the Introduction works to address issues of the human sciences and their place in relations to natural sciences.

Published: December 1988
ISBN: 9780814318980

Marxism and Art

Essays Classic and Contemporary

Edited with Historical and Critical Commentary by Maynard Solomon

Marxism and Art is a collection of basic readings in Marxist criticism and aesthetics.

Published: May 1984
ISBN: 9780814316214