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"We Are Here"

New Approaches to Jewish Displaced Persons in Postwar Germany

Edited by Avinoam J. Patt and Michael Berkowitz

Collects groundbreaking research on displaced persons (DPs) in Europe in the period after World War II and before the establishment of Israel.

Published: March 2010
ISBN: 9780814333501

Finding Home and Homeland

Jewish Youth and Zionism in the Aftermath of the Holocaust

Avinoam J. Patt

An inspiring examination of young survivors of the Holocaust and their role in the creation of the state of Israel.

Published: March 2009
ISBN: 9780814334263

Sister in Sorrow

Life Histories of Female Holocaust Survivors from Hungary

Ilana Rosen

A compassionate and insightful study of Hungarian women who lived through the Holocaust, with an appendix containing their complete stories.

Published: March 2008
ISBN: 9780814331293
Published: March 2008
ISBN: 9780814338889

Inside a Gestapo Prison

The Letters of Krystyna Wituska, 1942-1944

Edited and Translated by Irene Tomaszewski

A compelling firsthand account of life behind bars in Nazi Germany, from the point of view of a young member of the Polish Underground.

Published: May 2006
ISBN: 9780814332948
Published: May 2006
ISBN: 9780814338872

And Life Is Changed Forever

Holocaust Childhoods Remembered

Edited by Martin Ira Glassner and Robert Krell
Sponsored by the Holocaust Child Survivors of Connecticut

Looking at the Holocaust through the eyes of children who lived through it, this collection offers an inspiring assortment of perspectives on survival.

Published: April 2006
ISBN: 9780814331736

Words from Abroad

Trauma and Displacement in Postwar German Jewish Writers

Katja Garloff

Examines the responses of German Jewish writers to the geographical and cultural displacement that is one of the lasting consequences of the Holocaust.

Printed Paper Cased
Published: September 2005
ISBN: 9780814332450
Published: September 2005
ISBN: 9780814335772

Facing the Glass Booth

The Jerusalem Trial of Adolf Eichmann

Haim Gouri
Translated by Michael Swirsky
With a Foreword by Alan Mintz

A detailed historical account of Adolf Eichmann’s trial that changed attitudes toward Holocaust survivors in Israeli society.

Published: November 2004
ISBN: 9780814330876

Of No Interest to the Nation

A Jewish Family in France, 1925-1945

Gilbert Michlin

English translation of Gilbert Michlin’s Holocaust memoir detailing his family’s life as Jewish immigrants in France and their eventual deportation to Auschwitz in 1944.

Published: September 2004
ISBN: 9780814332276
Published: September 2004
ISBN: 9780814338483

Experience and Expression

Women, the Nazis, and the Holocaust

Edited by Elizabeth R. Baer and Myrna Goldenberg

An innovative contribution to the field of Holocaust studies, this set of interdisciplinary essays undertakes a gendered analysis of both Jewish and non-Jewish women as perpetrators, victims, rescuers, survivors, and postwar artists.

Published: February 2003
ISBN: 9780814330630
Published: February 2003
ISBN: 9780814338865

New Beginnings

Holocaust Survivors in Bergen-Belsen and the British Zone in Germany, 1945-1950

Hagit Lavsky

A sociohistorical analysis of the construction of Jewish life and national identity in post-Holocaust Germany.

Published: June 2002
ISBN: 9780814330098

The Nazis' Last Victims

The Holocaust in Hungary

Edited by Randolph L. Braham and Scott Miller

The Nazis' Last Victims articulates and historically scrutinizes both the uniqueness and the universality of the Holocaust in Hungary, a topic often minimized in general works on the Holocaust.

Published: May 2002
ISBN: 9780814330951
Published: May 2002
ISBN: 9780814338834

The Blessed Abyss

Inmate #6582 in Ravensbrück Concentration Camp for Women

Nanda Herbermann
Translated by Hester Baer
Edited by Hester Baer and Elizabeth R. Baer

One woman’s memories of her deportation to Ravensbrück Concentration Camp for Women in July 1941.

Published: September 2000
ISBN: 9780814329207
Published: September 2000
ISBN: 9780814329047
Published: September 2000
ISBN: 9780814337684

The Politics of Genocide

The Holocaust in Hungary, Condensed Edition

Randolph L. Braham

An abbreviated version of the definitive work on the destruction of Hungarian Jewry.

Published: April 2000
ISBN: 9780814326916
Published: April 2000
ISBN: 9780814326909
Published: April 2000
ISBN: 9780814338896

Appel Is Forever

A Child’s Memoir

Suzanne Mehler Whiteley

A courageous memoir describing the life of a young girl and her experiences living in Holland during World War II.

Published: July 1999
ISBN: 9780814328224
Published: July 1999
ISBN: 9780814338841

Odyssey of Exile

Jewish Women Flee the Nazis for Brazil

Edited with Introductions by Katherine Morris

Odyssey of Exile paints a sensitive a compelling portrait of German-Jewish women who fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.

Published: June 1996
ISBN: 9780814325636

Reflections of a Post-Auschwitz Christian

Harry James Cargas
Foreword by Vidal Sassoon

Essays that challenge Christians to make the Holocaust a turning point in their thinking and in their relations with Jews.

Published: December 1991
ISBN: 9780814320969