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Great Lakes



Schooner Passage

Sailing Ships and the Lake Michigan Frontier

Theodore J. Karamanski

Schooner Passage is a history of some of the magnificent sailing vessels and their role in maritime trade along Lake Michigan.

Published: January 2001
ISBN: 9780814329115

Mail by the Pail

By Colin Bergel
Illustrated by Mark Koenig

A delightful story that illustrates the mail delivery system for Great Lakes freighters.

Printed Paper Cased
Published: October 2000
ISBN: 9780814328903

The Women's Great Lakes Reader

Victoria Brehm

Native stories and writings by women pioneers, travelers, and working women from the Great Lakes.

Published: January 2000
ISBN: 9780970260604

Tin Stackers

The History of the Pittsburgh Steamship Company

Al Miller

Tin Stackers tells its story of the role of the U.S. Steel Corporation’s largest commercial fleet.

Published: July 1999
ISBN: 9780814328323

A Sailor's Logbook

A Season Aboard Great Lakes Freighters

Mark L. Thompson

A firsthand account of life aboard the ships of the Great Lakes.

Published: June 1999
ISBN: 9780814328446
Published: June 1999
ISBN: 9780814340905


The Seasons of a Great Lake

Napier Shelton

Huron is pleasurable reading for any student of natural history or the Great Lakes region, or for anyone who has ever spent time at a summer cottage or wished to do so.

Published: June 1999
ISBN: 9780814336489

Rum Running and the Roaring Twenties

Prohibition on the Michigan-Ontario Waterway

Philip P. Mason

In Rumrunning and the Roaring Twenties, Philip P. Mason provides a fascinating look at the excesses and failures of Prohibition in the United States, and specifically in Michigan.

Published: December 1995
ISBN: 9780814325834

The Northern Lights

Lighthouse of the Upper Great Lakes

Charles K. Hyde
Color Photographs by Ann and John Mahan

Published: May 1995
ISBN: 9780814325544

Iron Fleet

The Great Lakes in World War II

George J. Joachim

Iron Fleet focuses on the vital role played by the Great Lakes shipping industry during World War II.

Published: April 1994
ISBN: 9780814324806
Published: April 1994
ISBN: 9780814324790

Life on the Great Lakes

A Wheelsman’s Story

Fred W. Dutton
Edited by William Donohue Ellis

Fred Dutton’s fascinating account captures the flavor of working on Great Lakes ships in the early twentieth century.

Published: February 1991
ISBN: 9780814322611

Danny and the Boys

Being Some Legends of Hungry Hollow

Robert Traver

Robert Traver captures the genuine flavor of backwoods life in this story recounting the escapades of Danny and his four croonies.

Published: November 1987
ISBN: 9780814319284

The Late, Great Lakes

An Environmental History

William Ashworth

The Late, Great Lakes is a powerful indictment of man's carelessness, ignorance, and apathy toward the Great Lakes.

Published: May 1987
ISBN: 9780814318874
Published: May 1987
ISBN: 9780814339985

Freshwater Fury

Yarns and Reminiscences of the Greatest Storm in Inland Navigation

by Frank Barcus
Foreword by Rachelle Barcus Warren

Freshwater Fury is the first comprehensive history of the Great Storm.

Published: October 1986
ISBN: 9780814318287