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American History



Communings of the Spirit, Volume 1

The Journals of Mordecai M. Kaplan, 1913-1934

Edited by Mel Scult

Selections from the diary of the founder of Reconstructionism in America, covering Kaplan’s early years as a rabbi, teacher of rabbis, and community leader.

Published: May 2002
ISBN: 9780814331163
Published: May 2002
ISBN: 9780814325759

"My World Is Gone"

Memories of Life in a Southern Cotton Mill Town

George G. Suggs, Jr.

In this firsthand account of his native Bladenboro, North Carolina, George G. Suggs, Jr., captures in rich detail the world of a thriving cotton mill town where the company was dominant but workers had forged a strong community.

Published: May 2002
ISBN: 9780814330357

Judaism within Modernity

Essays on Jewish History and Religion

Michael A. Meyer

Judaism within Modernity explores Jewish historiography and the problems of periodization in modern Jewish history, with a focus on Jews of Germany and the United States.

Published: August 2001
ISBN: 9780814328743

Negroes with Guns

Robert F. Williams
Foreword by Gloria House
Introduction by Timothy B. Tyson

A southern black community’s struggle to defend itself against racist groups.

Published: June 1998
ISBN: 9780814327142

A History of the African American People

The History, Traditions, and Culture of African Americans

Edited by James Oliver Horton and Lois E. Horton

An illustrated collection of essays on the history of African Americans.

Published: February 1997
ISBN: 9780814326978

Envisioning Israel

The Changing Ideals and Images of North American Jews

Edited by Allon Gal

Envisioning Israel examines the deeply entwined yet often problematic historical relationship between American Jewry and the Jewish community in Israel and its predecessor, the yishuv, the Jewish settlement in Palestine from the 1880s until 1948

Published: November 1996
ISBN: 9780814326305

Master of Precision

Henry M. Leland

Mrs. Wilfred C. Leland with Minnie Dubbs Millbrook
With an Introduction by Allan Nevins and Frank E. Hill

Master of Precision is the fascinating firsthand account of Henry Martyn Leland's life and work during the early days of the automobile industry.

Published: September 1996
ISBN: 9780814326657

The Jew in the American World

A Source Book

Edited by Jacob Rader Marcus

This important volume provides the first complete single-volume reference source for American Jewish history.

Published: May 1996
ISBN: 9780814325483

Isaac Leeser and the Making of American Judaism

Lance J. Sussman

This illuminating biography of Isaac Leeser reconstructs his personal struggles, pioneer efforts on behalf of American Judaism, and visions of a viable American-Jewish synthesis.

Published: October 1995
ISBN: 9780814319963

Judaism Faces the Twentieth Century

A Biography of Mordecai M. Kaplan

Mel Scult

Judaism Faces the Twentieth Century is the first critical examination of the early life of Mordecai M. Kaplan—the sources of his inspiration, the evolution of his thought as a religious ideologue, and his inner struggles.

Published: December 1994
ISBN: 9780814322802

The Making of a Mining District

Keweenaw Native Copper 1500-1870

David J. Krause

The Making of a Mining District is the first book to fully document the Keweenaw Peninsula of northern Michigan’s large amount of pure metallic "native" state, and the unique value of these deposits.

Published: December 1992
ISBN: 9780814324073

Copper Country Journal

The Diary of Schoolmaster Henry Hobart, 1863-1864

Edited with an Introductory Essay by Philip P. Mason

Hobart centered his narrative on Cliff Mine, one of the leading producers of copper in the world and the primary employer in the town of Clifton.

Published: April 1991
ISBN: 9780814323427

Michigan's Lumbertowns

Lumbermen and Laborers in Saginaw, Bay City, and Muskegon, 1870-1905

Jeremy W. Kilar

This study is a comprehensive history of these lumbertowns from their inception as frontier settlements to their emergence as reshaped industrial centers.

Published: August 1990
ISBN: 9780814320730

The Making of Michigan, 1820-1860

A Pioneer Anthology

Edited by Justin L. Kestenbaum

The Making of Michigan is a wide-ranging collection of primary accounts of life in Michigan during the pioneer period.

Published: May 1990
ISBN: 9780814319192

Custer and the Little Big Horn

A Psychobiographical Inquiry

by Charles K. Hofling

In this book, Hofling turns his attention to the psychological context in which Custer operated in order to understand the decisions which produced his final disaster.

Published: October 1989
ISBN: 9780814318140

His Very Silence Speaks

Comanche—The Horse Who Survived Custer’s Last Stand

Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence

His Very Silence Speaks addresses larger issues such as the human relationship to animals and nature, cross-cultural differences in the ways animals are perceived, and the symbolic use of living and legendary animals in human cognition and communication.

Published: May 1989
ISBN: 9780814321973

Frankfurt on the Hudson

The German Jewish Community of Washington Heights, 1933-1983, Its Structure and Culture

Steven M. Lowenstein

Using organizational bulletins, surveys, interviews, and personal observations and anecdotes, Lowenstein paints a picture of a unique lifestyle now in the process of merging into American Jewry and disappearing.

Published: March 1989
ISBN: 9780814323854
Published: March 1989
ISBN: 9780814337516

The Invisible Soldier

The Experience of the Black Soldier, World War II

Compiled and Edited by Mary Penick Motley with a Foreword by Colonel Howard Donovan Queen, USA (Ret.)

The interviews disclose the brutality of the unseen wars black servicemen fought when confronted with the official army policy of segregation and by attitudes in southern communities, as well as overseas.

Published: December 1987
ISBN: 9780814319611