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African American Studies



The Autobiography of a Slave / Autobiografia de un Esclavo

by Juan Francisco Manzano
Introduction and Modernized Spanish Version by Ivan A. Schulman
Translated by Evelyn Picon Garfield

A heart-rendering history of the systematic, unrelenting destruction of human dignity and individual will.

Published: January 1996
ISBN: 9780814325384

Turkey Stearnes and the Detroit Stars

The Negro Leagues in Detroit, 1919-1933

Richard Bak

In Turkey Stearnes and the Detroit Stars, Richard Bak documents the extraordinary history of Detroit's first and foremost black professional baseball team.

Published: January 1995
ISBN: 9780814325827

From Jazz to Swing

African-American Jazz Musicians and Their Music, 1890-1935

Thomas J. Hennessey

In the 1920s, many black regional jazz bands were recorded and became products of the entertainment industry, which was altering the face of America from the handmade, homemade, homemade society of the ninteenth century to the mass-produced, mass-consumed technological culture of the twentieth century.

Published: September 1994
ISBN: 9780814321799

Discarded Legacy

Politics and Poetics in the Life of Frances E. W. Harper, 1825-1911

By Melba Joyce Boyd

In this important study, poet Melba Joyce Boyd analyzes Harper not simply as a feminist and an activist, but as a writer.

Published: June 1994
ISBN: 9780814324899

Untold Tales, Unsung Heroes

An Oral History of Detroit's African American Community, 1918-1967

Elaine Latzman Moon
The Detroit Urban League, Inc.

More than one hundred individuals who lived in Detroit at some time during the period from 1918 to 1967 share stories about everyday life.

Published: December 1993
ISBN: 9780814324653
Published: December 1993
ISBN: 9780814338490

Wings of Gauze

Women of Color and the Experience of Health and Illness

Edited by Barbara Bair and Susan E. Cayleff
With a Foreword by Helen Rodriquez-Trias, M.D., President, American Public Health Association

Wings of Gauze is a mulitdisciplinary anthology of original essays written about the experiences of women of color in the United States—African American, Hispanic American, Native American, and Southeast Asian American.

Published: August 1993
ISBN: 9780814323021

The Roots of African American Drama

An Anthology of Early Plays, 1858-1938

Edited by Leo Hamalian and James V. Hatch
Foreword by George C. Wolfe

This volume rescues from obscurity thirteen plays by early African American writers.

Published: April 1992
ISBN: 9780814321423
Published: April 1992
ISBN: 9780814338476

Voices of the Self

A Study of Language Competence

Keith Gilyard

An exploration of the key issues of language education for African Americans.

Published: July 1991
ISBN: 9780814322253
Published: July 1991
ISBN: 9780814339114

The Spook Who Sat by the Door

Sam Greenlee

An explosive, award-winning novel in the black literary tradition, The Spook Who Sat by the Door is both a satire of the civil rights problems in the United States in the late 1960s and a serious attempt to focus on the issue of black miltancy.

Published: May 1989
ISBN: 9780814322468

Arthur Alfonso Schomburg

Black Bibliophile & Collector

Elinor Des Verney Sinnette

A biography of the pioneering collector whose work laid the foundation for the study of black history and culture.

Published: February 1989
ISBN: 9780814321577

Discourse and Discrimination

Edited by Geneva Smitherman-Donaldson and Teun A. van Dijk

Lingusitic and communicative dimensions of the propagation of racism through the media, everyday language, and the educational curriculum.

Published: April 1988
ISBN: 9780814319581

The Invisible Soldier

The Experience of the Black Soldier, World War II

Compiled and Edited by Mary Penick Motley with a Foreword by Colonel Howard Donovan Queen, USA (Ret.)

The interviews disclose the brutality of the unseen wars black servicemen fought when confronted with the official army policy of segregation and by attitudes in southern communities, as well as overseas.

Published: December 1987
ISBN: 9780814319611

Talkin and Testifyin

The Language of Black America

by Geneva Smitherman

In this book, Smitherman makes a substantial contribution to an understanding of Black English by setting it in the larger context of Black culture and life style.

Published: January 1986
ISBN: 9780814318058