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Humor in Life and Letters Series

Titles in the Humor in Life and Letters Series make a serious contribution to the study of humor in a variety of cultural contexts and range from books of humor to books about humor, including studies of humor in literature. The series includes a mix of monographs, edited collections, and reprints. We are not currently accepting submissions for this series.


Understanding Humor in Japan

Edited by Jessica Milner Davis

A comprehensive look at the customary differences between humor in Japan and the West, providing cultural examples and illustrative terminology in the original Japanese.

Published: February 2006
ISBN: 9780814331651
Published: February 2006
ISBN: 9780814340912

Performing Marginality

Humor, Gender, and Cultural Critique

Joanne R. Gilbert

A rhetorical analysis of female stand-up comics that explores the relationships among humor, gender, and power in contemporary culture.

Published: April 2004
ISBN: 9780814328033
Published: April 2004
ISBN: 9780814337448

Writing Humor

Creativity and the Comic Mind

Mary Ann Rishel

Learn how to expand the humor in your imagination into the most fulfilling and fun-filled genres in creative writing—from comedy to a satirical essay to a joke monologue—with the help of Writing Humor, the first textbook of its kind for college students.

Published: April 2002
ISBN: 9780814329603
Published: April 2002
ISBN: 9780814329597

Laughing Feminism

Subversive Comedy in Frances Burney, Maria Edgeworth, and Jane Austen

Audrey Bilger

An examination of comedy and feminism in the works of early women British novelists.

Published: February 2002
ISBN: 9780814330548

Humor in Borges

René de Costa

Humor in Borges studies the humor embedded in the fiction of the serious and metaphysical literary figure, Jorge Luis Borges.

Published: April 2000
ISBN: 9780814328880

The Humor Prism in 20th Century American Society

Edited by Joseph Boskin

The Humor Prism in Twentieth-Century America explores to what extent and in what ways American humor in the twentieth century reflects history.

Published: August 1997
ISBN: 9780814325971

Work Hard and You Shall Be Rewarded

Urban Folklore from the Paperwork Empire

Alan Dundes and Carl R. Pagter

Anyone who has ever filled in a form in triplicate, taken an aptitude test, or been rebuffed by a form letter will appreciate the urban folklore found in this collection.

Published: December 1992
ISBN: 9780814324325
Published: December 1992
ISBN: 9780814337417

Never Try to Teach a Pig to Sing

Still More Urban Folklore from the Paperwork Empire

Alan Dundes
Carl R. Pagter

Never Try to Teach a Pig to Sing documents the thriving folklore tradition that circulates in the workplace.

Published: June 1991
ISBN: 9780814323588
Published: June 1991
ISBN: 9780814323571
Published: June 1991
ISBN: 9780814337400

Jewish Wry

Essays on Jewish Humor

Edited with an Introduction by Sarah Blacher Cohen

Jewish Wry examines the development of Jewish humor in a series of essays on topics that range from Sholom Aleichem's humor to Jewish comediennes through to the humor of Philip Roth.

Published: December 1990
ISBN: 9780814323663