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Series and Imprints

Series Editor: Melba Joyce Boyd, Wayne State University
The African American Life Series publishes scholarship representative of the historical, social, cultural, and economic experiences of African Americans. Because Wayne State University Press is located in Detroit, the series has a particular interest in topics related to urban life and culture.

The American Holy Land Series looks at the diverse social, political, economic, cultural, and religious relationships between Americans of all faiths and creed and the Holy Land. We are not currently accepting submissions for this series.

The American Jewish Civilization Series features works of original scholarship and synthesis that advance our understanding of the American Jewish experience. The series includes books of historical, social, cultural, religious, biographical, and regional interest. Although the series is no longer active, we continue to publish and welcome new submissions in this area.

Series Editors: Alex Johnson, MGH Institute of Health Professions; Michael Rolnick, William Beaumont Hospital
The William Beaumont Hospital Series in Speech and Language Pathology publishes materials that advance the understanding and treatment of children and adults with speech, voice, language, and cognitive impairments. The materials in the series provide professionals with practical applications in clinical, rehabilitation, and educational environments based on innovative and proven methods of intervention.

The Classical Studies: Pedagogy Series is designed to enliven and enhance the teaching of Latin, Greek, and Classical civilization. The texts are intended primarily for the college classroom, but many of the titles have been adopted for high school as well. We are not currently accepting submissions for this series.

Series Editor: Barry Keith Grant, Brock University
The Contemporary Approaches to Film and Media Series has as its focus original areas of film research and innovative critical approaches to film, television, and new media. The series publishes works that open further avenues for research and debate for the scholar. The titles are suitable for classroom use at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Editor: Thomas Klug, Wayne State University
The Great Lakes Books Series specializes in books of regional interest and importance to Michigan and the entire Great Lakes region. Inaugurated in 1986 to honor Michigan's 1987 sesquicentennial, the series currently includes titles on Michigan and regional history, the Upper Peninsula, military history, the Great Lakes and maritime history, Detroit history and culture, automotive history, art and architecture, literature, sports, ecology and the environment, and books for young readers.

Titles in the Humor in Life and Letters Series make a serious contribution to the study of humor in a variety of cultural contexts and range from books of humor to books about humor, including studies of humor in literature. The series includes a mix of monographs, edited collections, and reprints. We are not currently accepting submissions for this series.

Jazz: History, Culture, and Criticism includes scholarly works focusing on this major indigenous American art form. We are not currently accepting submissions for this series.

Kritik: German Literary Theory and Cultural Studies Series includes current scholarship from a variety of disciplines on German literature and culture. We are not currently accepting submissions for this series.

Landscapes of Childhood Series is an interdisciplinary series that speaks directly to children's sense of place, paying close attention to how boys and girls play and orient themselves in the world. The series highlights cutting-edge research on the changing nature of childhood in diverse social and regional contexts and publishes pioneering moographs, collected essays, and reprints. We are not currently accepting submission for this series.

The Latin American Literature and Culture Series emphasizes three areas: literary criticism, Latin American literature in translation, and re-editions of major out-of-print works. We are not currently accepting submissions for this series.

Series Editors: M. L. Liebler, Wayne State University; Michael Delp, Interlochen Center for the Arts
The Made in Michigan Writers Series is devoted to highlighting the works of distinguished statewide writers to showcase Michigan's diverse voices. The series publishes poetry, creative nonfiction, short fiction, and essays by Michigan writers with the aim of encouraging the recognition of the state's artistic and cultural heritage throughout Michigan, the Midwest, and the nation.

Named after Michigan’s state reptile, Painted Turtle publishes books on regional topics of cultural and historical interest for a general readership.

Series editor: David A. Gerstner, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Queer Screens is a new book series that will examine critical discourses of "queerness" by studying its various transformations through sound and the moving image, across a range of media platforms. By correlating the idea of "queer" with the notion of the "cinematic," these monographs will reimagine queerness as a visual and audible gesture, and as a mobile and malleable concept. Books in this series will emphasize close textual analyses of specific media texts in tandem with rigorous theory and research, and will be appropriate for graduate and advanced undergraduate classes in film authorship, for scholars of queer film and media studies, and for cinephiles.

Series Editor: Dan Ben-Amos, University of Pennsylvania
The Raphael Patai Series in Jewish Folklore and Anthropology publishes books illuminating the diverse and culturally rich Jewish heritage. The series is named in honor of the many contributions of its founder and original editor, Raphael Patai.

Series Editor: Marc W. Kruman and Richard Marback, Wayne State University
The Series in Citizenship Studies publishes works that cross disciplinary boundaries in order to consider questions of identity, group membership, status, rights, and obligations from a variety of perspectives - artistic, cultural, economic, historical, legal, linguistic, literary, philosophical, political, and social. We are not currently accepting submissions for this series.

Series Editor: Donald Haase, Wayne State University
This book series is devoted to works that significantly advance our understanding of the fairy tale as it has taken shape across history and a broad range of media. The series illuminates both the production and reception of the fairy tale as it has appeared in print, film, modern media, the visual and performing arts, and other cultural forms.

Advisory Editors: Cristina Bacchilega, University of Hawai`i, Mānoa; Stephen Benson, University of East Anglia; Nancy L. Canepa, Dartmouth College; Anne E. Duggan, Wayne State University; Christine A. Jones, University of Utah; Janet Langlois, Wayne State University; Ulrich Marzolph, University of Göttingen; Carolina Fernández Rodríguez, University of Oviedo; Maria Tatar, Harvard University; Jack Zipes, University of Minnesota

Series Editor: Barry Keith Grant, Brock University
TV Milestones Series is a distinct series of short monographs written in a critical but accessible and lively manner. Each book offers a comprehensive account of a particular television show, placing it in the context of the history of television and broader cultural history, as well as discussing representative episodes of the show in detail. The titles are suitable for students, scholars, and general readers alike.

Advisory Editors: Robert J. Burgoyne, University of St. Andrews; Caren J. Deming, University of Arizona; Patricia B. Erens, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Peter X. Feng, University of Delaware; Lucy Fischer, University of Pittsburgh; Frances Gateward, California State University, Northridge; Tom Gunning, University of Chicago; Thomas Leitch, University of Delaware; Walter Metz, Southern Illinois University.