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Wildflowers of the Western Great Lakes Region

James R. Wells, Frederick W. Case Jr., & T. Lawrence Mellichamp

Ecology, Great Lakes

Published: November 2001
ISBN: 9780877370420
Pages: 304 Size: 11.25x8.75

Dunes, forests, wetlands, plains, and rocky shores—these habitats and more comprise the mosaic that is the western Great Lakes region. This wide variety of habitats offers exceptional opportunities to see numerous interesting wildflowers. In an approach unique amongst wildflower books, Wildflowers of the Western Great Lakes Region presents more than 270 wildflower species to be found in the states surrounding the western Great Lakes as well as southern Ontario arranged according to the habitats in which they most commonly occur. Within the eleven habitat groupings, the full-color images follow as closely as possible the order in which the flowers can be found blooming in this area. Accompanying the photographs are brief descriptions of one or two salient features that, with the photographs, should enable the reader to identify the plant.