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Star Songs and Water Spirits

A Great Lakes Native Reader

Edited by Victoria Brehm

Biography, Memoir, History, Great Lakes

Published: January 2011
ISBN: 9780984334001
Pages: 524 Size: 7.5x9
Illustrations: 71 black-and-white images

From the deep past to the present, here are the stories, songs, poetry, speeches, autobiography, fiction, and art of the Great Lakes Native nations. Set in the natural environment of the seasonal year, the selections explain cultural concepts and show how modern Native literature reflects tradition. Elders, war chiefs, religious leaders, and contemporary artists share sacred stories of the creation of the world, stories of the stars, tales of heroes and monsters, narratives of hunting, fishing, and food gathering, speeches and writings about war, personal narratives and essays, and contemporary fiction and poetry.

This collection surveys all the major types and themes of lakes Native literatures, enriched by music, the visual arts, and a detailed timeline of historical events.

Published by: Ladyslipper Press

Victoria Brehm, Ph.D. is a retired professor who writes about the Great Lakes. She created The Women’s Great Lakes Reader, named "One of Fifty Essential Books for Michigan History," and Star Songs and Water Spirits, the first collection of lakes’ Native literatures, described by Lake Superior Magazine "A masterwork and an accumulated treasure." She lives on her family’s Centennial Farm in Tustin, Michigan.