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Squash Racquets

The Khan Game

Hashim Khanwith Richard E. Randall

Published: February 1972
ISBN: 9780814314692
Pages: 160 Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Illustrations: 53 b&w illus.

Hashim Khan, the legendary squash rackets player, established a record of victories that has no parallel in the game. This book is his story.

The style may startle the reader at first. Hashim never learned to write English, or even speak it in the textbook fashion. So he "talked" the book in a great number of sessions, in the court and out of it, with Richard E. Randall, one of his students and a professional writer. The collaboration worked well. The book gives Hashim as he actually thinks and talks. It gives detailed instruction on the Khan grip, stroke, stance, court strategy, ploys, and favorite combination shots, plus a wealth of observations on fitness, stamina, and gamesmanship.

No matter your relation to the game, you will learn from Hashim Khan's book. It will truly afford readers many delightful moments with a remarkable athlete and human being.