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Sourcebook for Receptive and Expressive Language Functioning

Susan Howell Brubaker

Brubaker Rehabilitation Materials, Rehabilitation, Speech and Language Pathology

Published: January 2007
ISBN: 9780814333143
Pages: 384 Size: 8.5x11

The new Sourcebook for Receptive and Expressive Language Functioning is the first of two books that replaces the three-book Sourcebook for Speech, Language, and Cognition series. This volume presents about seventy-five percent new material with all new formats and divisions. The book incorporates the best of the original series, including a durable hardbound cover, and improves its user-friendly organization. The clearly marked sections within the target areas of expressive and receptive language functioning are tabbed and color-coded so that they can be easily accessed. The new target areas classify exercises by type of question (such as "yes/no") within each target area and range in a general progression from low to high level (or easiest to most difficult).

The Sourcebook for Receptive and Expressive Language Functioning is not a workbook. Although it can be adapted by clinician need, each page is set up to be read to user with twenty questions of the same construction and type. The target areas are based on user ability ranging from exercises for nonverbal persons to those who need work on longer answers that require planning of several sentences. This volume was expanded to include more questions at each end of the spectrum-easy and most difficult. Exercises in Sentence Comprehension and Paragraph Comprehension were expanded in length and quantity and are easily adaptable. The variety of questions is huge, and with 396 exercises with twenty questions each, there are almost 6,000 different stimulus questions for you to use daily with all your caseload.

As in the original Sourcebooks, the front of the divider lists the first question of each exercise to aid clinicians in diagnosing patient ability as well as a key for the type and level of exercise desired. The unique format is ideal for use as a screening device that offers numerous follow-up exercises in weak areas. Designed for adolescents and adults of all levels of impairments, with thousands of stimulus questions grouped by type, construction, and complexity, the Sourcebook for Receptive and Expressive Language Functioning is a must for any library of treatment resources. Target areas in this book include receptive language functioning (yes/no questions, multiple choice, sentence comprehension, basic math, functional material, paragraphs) and expressive language functioning (nonverbal communication, completions, naming, word fluency, sentence formulation, longer answers).

Susan Howell Brubaker has spent her professional career of more than thirty years in the Speech and Language Pathology Department at William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Michigan. She specializes in working with adults who have suffered communicative loss as a result of neurological dysfunction or brain injury. She holds a B.S. from St. Lawrence University, an M.S. from Ithaca College, and a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.