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Las Literaturas Hispanicas

Introduccion a su estudio: Volumen 1

Evelyn Picon Garfield
Ivan A. Schulman

Language and Literature, Latin American Studies

Published: December 1990
ISBN: 9780814318638
Pages: 408 Size: 7 x 10

This versatile three-volume set is specifically designed to introduce students of Spanish to the literature of Spain and Latin America.

Written in clear, expository Spanish, this is a comprehensive program presenting practical introduction to the reading and analysis of Spanish literary texts and features separate anthologies of representative Spanish and Spanish American writers. Not only will students acquire the necessary skills, techniques, and tools for the cultural reading and analysis of various literary genres, but they will also study the concise cultural history of the literatures of Spain and Spanish America from their origins to the present day. These volumes can be used alone or in combination with another in the set, depending on the requirements of the instructor.

Volume one provides students with the skills and techniques required to understand and appreciate various literary genres. It also explores the shared cultures and history of Spain and Spanish America that have given rise to a rich literary production.