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History, Theory, & Practice

Julie T. Klein

By WSU Faculty, Education

Published: February 1991
ISBN: 9780814320884
Pages: 336 Size: 6 x 9

Thoughtful…well-balanced. There is not a book in the English language that can be compared with this synthesis.

— Joseph L. Kockelmans

In this volume, Julie Klein provides the first comprehensive study of the modern concept of interdisciplinarity, supplementing her discussion with the most complete bibliography yet compiled on the subject. Spanning the social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and professions, her study is a synthesis of existing scholarship on interdisciplinary research, education and health care.
Klein argues that any interdisciplinary activity embodies a complex network of historical, social, psychological, political, economic, philosophical, and intellectual factors. Whether the context is a short-ranged instrumentality or a long-range reconceptualization of the way we know and learn, the concept of interdisciplinarity is an important means of solving problems and answering questions that cannot be satisfactorily addressed using singular methods or approaches.

Julie T. Klein is a professor of humanities at Wayne State University and former president of the Association for Integrative Studies. A Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, she is the author of a book on the playwright John Gay and has had an umber of articles published in scholarly journals.

Thoughtful . . . well-balanced. There is not a book in the English language that can be compared with this synthesis.

– Joseph L. Kockelmans, Professor of Philosophy at The Pennsylvania State University

We now have in a single, coherent volume a work that spans the breadth of interdisciplinary activity and sorts it out in a sensible fashion . . . I would not be surprised to find, twenty years hence, [Klein's] book cited as a watershed in the evolution of interdisciplinary studies.

– Thomas H. Murray, Association for Integrative Studies Newsletter