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The Seasons of a Great Lake

Napier Shelton

Ecology, Great Lakes, Memoir, Michigan

Published: June 1999
ISBN: 9780814336489

Napier Shelton returns off-season to a sandy shore that has absorbed his summers for years, and gives it the gift of his attention.

— Leslie D. Cronin

Napier Shelton takes us on a journey as he spends a year at his family's cottage on the lake. Having visited Lake Huron for over thirty years, Shelton weaves family memories into his evocative and informed account of the seasons on this great lake. In 1995, Shelton spent a year at the cottage more fully exploring Lake Huron and its varied shores. He writes about Native American fishing rights, small towns, the fearsome ice, and the migration of birds. He follows the seasonal changes of life in the water. We accompany him on commercial fishing boats, a research vessel studying lake trout, and a Coast Guard icebreaker. We experience the travels and tragedies of venturers on Lake Huron over the past four centuries.

Huron is pleasurable reading for any student of natural history or the Great Lakes region, or for anyone who has ever spent time at a summer cottage or wished to do so.

Napier Shelton is a retired technical writer for the National Park Service and the author of several books on natural history. He lives in Washington, D.C.