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Community-Based Organizations

The Intersection of Social Capital and Local Context in Contemporary Urban Society

Edited by Robert Mark Silverman

Labor Studies, Urban Studies

Published: February 2004
ISBN: 9780814331576
Pages: 232 Size: 6x9

Community-Based Organizations contributes a much needed critical and progressive stance to the debate about social capital and community building in America.

— Robert Fisher

In response to the ongoing debate over the role social capital plays in the creation and continuation of a healthy civic culture, Community-Based Organizations in Contemporary Urban Society studies the close relationship that social capital shares with local context, social organization, and institutional structure. The book’s timely analysis illuminates the institutional barriers currently affecting the mobilization of social capital and establishes a foundation for social and political reform in the future. All components of capital formation—including human, financial, and cultural capital—are identified and considered as they relate to the community development process, as well as how social capital relates to race, class, gender, and religion in urban society.

Community-Based Organizations in Contemporary Urban Society offers vital extensions to existing literature on social capital and allows the reader to consider this topic from multiple perspectives through its broad spectrum of interdisciplinary essays by sociologists, political scientists, and urban planners. The essays discuss important steps in the mobilization of social capital, as well as its role in microfinance programs, community development corporations, homeowners associations, religious institutions, and neighborhood associations. Individual chapters present an array of theoretical arguments, empirical analysis, and applied case studies that are of interest to academics, practitioners, and activists in the community development field.

Robert Mark Silverman is associate professor of Urban Planning at SUNY-Buffalo and author of Doing Business in Minority Markets: Black and Korean Entrepreneurs in Chicago’s Ethnic Beauty Aids Industry (Garland Publishing, 2000).

Contributors Include:
Judith N. DeSena, Ivan Light, Gina Neff, Kelly L. Patterson, Brian Sahd, Robert Mark Silverman, Randy Stoecker, Sherri Leronda Wallace

Drawing on a collection of provocative case studies, this book demonstrates social capital's potential for the purpose of progressive community development. In doing so, it helps us understand how disadvantaged communities can improve their social position while also enhancing democratic participation."

– Steven J. Gold, Michigan State University, co-author of Ethnic Economies

Community-Based Organizations contributes a much needed critical and progressive stance to the debate about social capital and community building in America."

– Robert Fisher, University of Connecticut, co-author of Settlement Houses Under Siege: The Struggle to Sustain Community Organizations in New York City