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Aboriginal Populations

Social, Demographic, and Epidemiological Perspectives

Frank Trovato & Anatole Romaniuk

Canadian Studies

Published: June 2014
ISBN: 9780888646255
Pages: 600 Size: 6x9

"The overarching theme of this volume is that Canada's Aboriginal population has reached a critical stage of social demographic development, from a situation in the past characterized by delayed modernization, extreme socioeconomic deficit, and minimal control over their demography, to a present point of social, political, economic, and demographic ascendancy." -from the Preface

Experts from around the world review and extend the research on Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the circumpolar North, mapping recent changes in their demography, health, and sociology and comparing their conditions with that of Aboriginal Peoples in other countries. Contributors point to policies and research needed to meet the challenges Aboriginal Peoples are likely to face in the 21st century. This substantial volume will prove indispensable and timely to researchers, policy analysts, students, and teachers of social demography and Native Studies.

Frank Trovato is professor of Demography and Population Studies and a past Director of the Population Research Laboratory at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Anatole Romaniuk is an adjunct professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Alberta and is past president of the Canadian Federation of Demographers. He lives in Ottawa.