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WSU Press Job Postings

WSU Press staff positions are listed on Wayne State University’s online hiring page-search by Department H5201 University Press. Internships are regularly available for those interested in the world of publishing.

Internship Opportunities

Wayne State University Press offers internship opportunities for those interested in publishing within several departments: Acquisitions; Editorial, Design, and Production; Journals; Sales and Marketing; Intellectual Property; and Information Management.

Briefly, interns with the Acquisitions department work with manuscripts and proposals, assessing suitability for publication and communicating with authors; interns in the Editorial, Design, and Production department work with book manuscripts and page proofs to learn about the creation of scholarly and trade books; interns with the Journals department work with the 11 scholarly and creative journals to learn journal production; interns with the Sales and Marketing department learn the steps presses take to sell and promote books; Intellectual Property interns work with contracts, agreements, and third-party permissions to gain an understanding of the implications of copyright law on day-to-day publishing practices; interns with the Information Management department work on an active e-commerce site, gaining experience in the implementation of pre-created modules and the creation of custom code enhancements.

Our internships are unpaid and are offered throughout the year. Students are eligible to receive course credits for the internship. We are happy to work with your institution to help you fulfill their requirements.

Many of our interns are students, but being enrolled in school is not a requirement. We ask for a commitment of twenty hours per week and will work with you to accommodate your schedule. All departments prefer two-semester internships, and the Acquisitions department requires it.

While we consider all applicants, we have found that our most successful interns are enrolled in graduate school and demonstrate a sense of pride in their work and an eye for detail.

Wayne State University Press interns have gone on to summer publishing programs and to jobs with other university presses or publishers. The value of an internship is not only the hands-on experience but also the opportunity to show a potential employer that you are committed to publishing.

Our interns do real, hands-on work and are expected to take the initiative in their own learning. The Press expects interns to act professionally, to communicate clearly, and to think critically. All interns are welcome to attend department and staff meetings, if schedules allow.

These are some of the duties:


• Assist with the evaluation of proposals and manuscripts
• Gain an understanding of publishing contracts and negotiations
• Communicate with authors, reviewers, and series editors
• Help to plan and schedule a book season
• Collaborate with other departments at the Press


• Prepare projects for copyediting and design
• Review sample edits from copyeditors
• Review page proof and edit indexes
• Track information through spreadsheets and presswide database


• Typeset journal pages
• Review page proofs
• Prepare projects and images for copyediting, typesetting, and printing
• Upload and help maintain journals online


• Write press releases and design flyers
• Assist with direct mail promotions
• Research awards and exhibits information
• Correspond with authors and sales representatives
• Provide clerical support


• Gain an understanding of copyright law in the context of academic publishing
• Conduct archival research
• Obtain permissions for use of archival and other copyrighted material
• Gain an understanding of publishing contracts and contractual practices
• Learn about the subsidiary rights licensing process
• Conduct sales and industry research to target rights licensing opportunities


• Assist in maintaining and developing the Press website
• Gain an understanding of copyright law in the context of academic publishing
• Assist in the creation of project-focused minisites
• Assist with WSUP social media
• Assist in maintaining the Press title management and contact databases

Application Deadlines

For Fall semester: Apply by the end of May
For Spring/Summer semester: Apply by the end of February
For Winter semester: Apply by the end of September

Application materials should be sent by email to Editorial, Design, and Production Manager Kristin Harpster at kmharpster@wayne.edu and must include a current résumé and a cover letter discussing your interest in an internship with Wayne State University Press. In your letter, please describe what department you would like to work with and what you hope to learn. We don't expect you to have a career plan laid out, and we don't expect you to have experience in or extensive knowledge about publishing; we do expect your letter to be clearly written and to show why you want to intern at Wayne State University Press. Kristin Harpster will review all applications and will share materials with the relevant departments in order to create the best match. Depending on the number of applicants, we might choose to interview individuals or to ask for additional information.