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WSU Press Job Postings

WSU Press staff positions are listed on Wayne State University’s online hiring page-search by Department H5201 University Press. Internships are regularly available for those interested in the world of publishing.

Current Openings


Internship Opportunities

Wayne State University Press is not currently offering undergraduate internship opportunities. We will return to this program once we are fully staffed and are able to devote time and attention to our interns.

We will still consider bringing in graduate interns. Please see below application information.

For reference, here is a description of our undergraduate program, which in the past has been extended to Wayne State University students of junior and senior standing who receive credit through their departments.

Wayne State University Press offers undergraduates a twelve-week introduction to publishing through work with multiple departments within the press. The time commitment for undergraduate students is variable, depending on the requirements of students' academic units.

Students work in the Acquisitions department; the Editorial, Design, and Production department; and the Marketing department, in that order. Workshops about information management, business, and intellectual property will be offered as possible.

Undergraduate applicants often hope to gain writing experience through an internship at the press. While interns do practice professional correspondence, the focus of this internship is learning the tasks and processes involved in university press publishing through hands-on work in different areas.

Some of the potential duties include:

  • Assist with the evaluation of proposals and manuscripts
  • Assist with the review of contracts
  • Help to plan and schedule a book season
  • Prepare projects for copyediting and design
  • Review sample edits from copyeditors
  • Review page proof and edit indexes
  • Create a complete book marketing campaign
  • Compose press releases and pitch emails
  • Research awards and exhibits information
  • Correspond with authors and sales representatives
Internships for Graduate Students

Graduate students receiving credit through Wayne State University may apply to work in specific departments, including Acquisitions; Editorial, Design, and Production; and Sales and Marketing (please see above descriptions). Interested students may also apply to work in Intellectual Property; Journals; and Information Management (please see below descriptions). The time commitment for graduate students is twenty hours per week.

Application Deadlines

For Fall semester: Apply by the end of May
For Spring/Summer semester: Apply by the end of February
For Winter semester: Apply by the end of September

Application materials should be sent by email to Editorial, Design, and Production Manager Kristin Harpster at kmharpster[at]wayne.edu. Please include a current résumé and a cover letter discussing your interest in an internship with Wayne State University Press.