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Narrative Culture

Narrative Culture claims narration as a broad and pervasive human practice, warranting a holistic perspective to grasp its place comparatively across time and space. Inviting contributions that document, discuss, and theorize narrative culture, the journal seeks to offer a platform that integrates approaches spread across numerous disciplines. The field of narrative culture thus outlined is defined by a large variety of forms of popular narratives, including not only oral and written texts, but also narratives in images, three-dimensional art, customs, rituals, drama, dance, music, and so forth. 


Narrative Culture
Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 2017

Project Narrative: A Brief Story of Origin and Evolution
James Phelan

But We Are Living in a Material (and Virtual) World: How Tiny-House Blogs Are Transforming the Bildungsroman
Katra Byram

The Afterlife of Stories: Proverb and the Relationship between Form and Stance
Amy Shuman

Epic, Serial, Episode: The Sopranos and the Return Voyage of Television
Sean O'Sullivan

Transmedial Narratives in the Age of Mixed Media
Jared Gardner

Reliable, Unreliable, and Deficient Narration: A Rhetorical Account
James Phelan


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Narrative Culture
Volume 4, Number 2, Fall 2017

Introduction: Experiencing the More-than-Human World
Michaela Fenske and Martha Narkunas

Kindred Spirits: The Greatest Story on Earth?
Anne Benvenuti

Narrating the Swarm: Changing Metanarratives in Times of Crisis
Michaela Fenske

“Domesticating” Nature: Amy Stein’s Photographic Restaging of Human–Animal Encounters
Mayako Murai

Are Trees Spiritual? Do Trees Have Souls? Narratives about Human–Tree Relationships
Martha Norkunas

What Does it Mean to Be a Human? Green-Skinned Troublemakers and Us
Tok Thompson

Personal Experience Narratives in Veterinary Medicine
Carolyn E. Ware

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