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Merrill-Palmer Quarterly

Journal of Developmental Psychology

Edited by Gary Ladd

Subjects: Psychology

Published four times per year
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This internationally acclaimed periodical features empirical and theoretical papers on child development and family-child relationships. A high-quality resource for researchers, writers, teachers, and practitioners, the journal contains up-to-date information on advances in developmental theories; research on infants, children, adolescents, and families; summaries and integrations of research; commentaries by experts; and reviews of important new books in development.

Merrill-Palmer Quarterly Volume 61, Number 1 (January 2015)
Special Issue: Moral Disengagement and Aggression in Children and Youth 

Consulting Editors

Moral Disengagement and Aggression in Children and Youth: An Introduction to the Special Issue
Shelley Hymel and Sonja Perren, Guest Editors

The Moderating Role of Empathic Concern and Perspective Taking on the Relationship Between Moral Disengagement and Aggression
Kay Bussey, Catherine Quinn, and Jane Dobson

Emotion Regulation and Negative Emotionality Moderate the Effects of Moral (Dis)Engagement on Aggression
Sanna Roos, Christina Salmivalli, and Ernest V. E. Hodges

Moral Disengagement Moderates the Link Between Psychopathic Traits and Aggressive Behavior Among Early Adolescents
Gianluca Gini, Tiziana Pozzoli, and Kay Bussey

The Nature of the Association Between Moral Neutralization and Aggression: A Systematic Test of Causality in Early Adolescence
Denis Ribeaud and Manuel Eisner

The Chicken and the Egg: Longitudinal Associations Between Moral Deficiencies and Bullying: A Parallel Process Latent Growth Model
Fabio Sticca and Sonja Perren

The Role of Moral Disengagement in the Associations Between Children’s Social Goals and Aggression
Kari Jeanne Visconti, Gary W. Ladd, and Becky Kochenderfer-Ladd

Emotions of Moral Disengagement, Class Norms, and Bullying in Adolescence: A Multilevel Approach
Ersilia Menesini, Benedetta Emanuela Palladino, and Annalaura Nocentini

A Longitudinal Study of the Associations Between Moral Disengagement and Active Defending Versus Passive Bystanding During Bullying Situations
Caroline Doramajian and William M. Bukowski

Like Father, Like Son? The Link Between Parents’ Moral Disengagement and Children’s Externalizing Behaviors
Marina Camodeca and Emanuela Taraschi

Moral Disengagement and Aggression: Comments on the Special Issue
Eveline Gutzwiller-Helfenfinger 


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Merrill-Palmer Quarterly Volume 61, Number 2 (April 2015)

Consulting Editors

Children’s Moral Self-Concept: The Role of Aggression and Parent–Child Relationships
Sonia Sengsavang and Tobias Krettenauer

Correlates of Prosocial Behaviors of Students in Ethnicallyand Racially Diverse Middle Schools
Asha Leah Spivak, Samantha Simmons White, Jaana Juvonen, and Sandra Graham

Do Hours Spent Viewing Television at Ages 3 and 4 Predict Vocabulary and Executive Functioning at Age 5?
A. Nayena Blankson, Marion O’Brien, Esther M. Leerkes,Susan D. Calkins, and Stuart Marcovitch

Development of Afterlife Beliefs in Childhood: Relationship to Parent Beliefs and Testimony
Plousia Misailidi and Ekaterina N. Kornilaki

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61.1: Special Issue: Moral Disengagement and Aggression in Children and Youth

60.2: Special Issue: The Interplay Between Genetic Factors and the Peer Environment in Explaining Children’s Social Adjustment

59.2: Developing Conceptions of Evolution



56.3: Contexts, Causes, and Consequences: New Directions in Peer Victimixation Research

55.3: Educational Attainment in Developmental Perspective: Longitudinal Analyses of Continuity, Change, and Process