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Fairy Tale Review is an annual literary journal dedicated to publishing new fairy-tale fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. The journal seeks to expand the conversation about fairy tales among practitioners, scholars, and general readers. Contents reflect a diverse spectrum of literary artists working with fairy tales in many languages and styles.

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Fairy Tale Review Volume 13: The Translucent Issue

Editor's Note
Benjamin Schaefer

How to Be a Vigorous and Hearty Individual Who Is Full of Life
Alicia Bones

Glaze & Morph
Bradly Sergio Brandt

Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

Mary Shelley
Stephanie Cawley

Girl Inside a Raindrop
Gillian Cummings

The Excursion, An Excerpt from The Silk Road
Kathryn Davis

Practicing Falconry in a Gyre
Jonathan Louis Duckworth

A New Way to Break a Body, An Essay
Kelly Dulaney

Majda Gama

Ann Glaviano

Citizens of the Sky & Love Song for Whoever You Become
Jenneva Kayser

Sunday Queen & Queen's Mother & Queen's Eulogy for Uncle
Taisia Kitaiskaia

Call Me Moira, Call Me Angela
Marie Marandola

The Feather Dress
Sam Meekings

The Lil' Bitty Eyeball
Jefferson Navicky

Nazli Pearl

Mother and Daughterhood
Maura Pellettieri

He Walks Through Appalachia
Gretchen Steele Pratt

Syren of the Ditch
C Samuel Rees

Rituals & Stories
Erika Rier

Animal Fires
Adam Soto

Anastasia Stelse

Man Camp
Caroline Belle Stewart

Elizabeth Horner Turner

Ocean Is Behind Her
Sara Wainscott

A Spirit Raising and Falling
Kevin Wilson

Winter Pineapple with Sea
Shelley Wong

Rachel Zavecz

Contributor Notes

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Fairy Tale Review Volume 14: The Charcoal Issue

Editor's Note
Joel Hans

Incantation: Female
Ruth Baumann

Sweet Meats
Francisca Lia Block

Eurydice tells us her favorite memory with Orpheus
Kristen Brida

The Children
Justine Champine

Ekphrasis for Snow White in Her Glass Coffin
Mollie Chandler

Jos Charles

The Discomfort Index
Caroline Crew

The Albatrosses
Emrys Donaldson

The Woman Who Ate Foxes
Ashleigh E. Gill

“How Lines Came to Be Drawn on Human Hands” & “Exiles of the Wild Moon”
Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

When I Am Not Joan of Arc Or You Bring Me a Bowl of Green & Purple Olives
Jennifer Givhan

Village of the Red Mothers
Mary Haidri

Brittany Hailer

David Hansen

“Summer Faces” & “Mercury Night”
Satoshi Iwai

The View from the ————— Bus
Devi Laskar

El Alma de la Máquina
Baldomero Lillo

The Soul of the Machine
Baldomero Lillo (Translated by Jonathan Wlodarski)

Ol’ Captain Kurt
Jacob Lindberg

"Still in the 21st Century” & “Disaster Doesn’t Have to Be Spectacular”
Amelia Martens

Erin Mullikin

Something’s Up with Alice
Ishelle Payer

Paisley Rekdal

“I Will Have Forgotten You by Sunday” & “Bad Hunter”
Sara Ryan

Eric Schlich

The Problem of Heat Loss
Rion Amilcar Scott

The Women
Theresa Sullivan

“It’s your fault I’ve got to make the rounds through the forest several times a week.”
Brittany Tomaselli

Pantoum for When the Skies Clear and We’ll Know
Madeleine Wattenberg

A Real Spacesuit Is a Little Envelope of Earth Conditions
Cori Winrock

C Pam Zhang

“The True Story of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice” & “The President and His Bodyguards”
Jack Zipes

Contributor Notes

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