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Fairy Tale Review

Fairy Tale Review is an annual literary journal dedicated to publishing new fairy-tale fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. The journal seeks to expand the conversation about fairy tales among practitioners, scholars, and general readers. Contents reflect a diverse spectrum of literary artists working with fairy tales in many languages and styles.

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Fairy Tale Review Volume 12: The Ochre Issue

Editor's Note
Joel Hans

The Diamond Girl
Courtney Bird

from Apple Hill Farm
Caroline Cabrera

Saving Myself (For Something) & We're Actually Fabulous
Christopher Citro

The Rosebud Variations
Jaydn DeWald

The Season of Daughters
Zachary Doss

Baby Bird & The Barren Wife Gives Birth to a Girl: Two Essays
Jaclyn Dwyer

How Humans Use Dead Animals
Rachel Edelman

Rachel Contreni Flynn

Kristen Gleason

The Clowns
Rodney Gomez

from The Willful Ignorance Project
Karen Green

Pinocchio Revisited
Laura Grothaus

Kelsie Hahn

May Queen
Carlea Holl-Jensen

The Black Lodge
Coop Lee

How to Fall in Love in a Time of Unnameable Disaster
Muriel Leung

Forestry (Parts 1-3)
Lindsay Lusby

The Old Women Who Were Skinned
Carmen Maria Machado

Death's Pocket Inventory
Rebecca Macijeski

Fairy Tale
Christopher Nelson

Girls Underground
Marta Pelrine-Bacon

The Kunstkamera, St. Petersburg
Rebecca Perea-Kane

Aimee Pokwatka

The Bear's Wife
Rachel Richardson

from Alameda
Broc Rossell

Jasmine Sawers

To Meet My Father
Cecily Schuler

Family: A Fairy Tale
Ira Sukrungruang

The Three Bears' Lesser Known Names for Goldilocks
Kim Welliver

Clementine & The Cold Winter
Gabrielle Williams

Allyson Young

Contributor Notes

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