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Beaumont Series in Speech and Language Pathology

Series Editors: Alex Johnson, MGH Institute of Health Professions; Michael Rolnick, William Beaumont Hospital
The William Beaumont Hospital Series in Speech and Language Pathology publishes materials that advance the understanding and treatment of children and adults with speech, voice, language, and cognitive impairments. The materials in the series provide professionals with practical applications in clinical, rehabilitation, and educational environments based on innovative and proven methods of intervention.


Land of Stone

Breaking Silence Through Poetry

Karen Chase

The engaging autobiographical account of a poet-in-residence at a psychiatric hospital who helps a silent young man regain his speaking voice through writing poetry.

Published: January 2007
ISBN: 9780814333150
Published: January 2007
ISBN: 9780814335604

Workbook for Aphasia

Exercises for the Development of Higher Level Language Functioning

Susan Howell Brubaker

An indispensable tool for clinicians and users that has been fully updated and reformatted in a user-friendly manner.

Published: March 2006
ISBN: 9780814333112

Right Hemisphere Stroke

A Victim Reflects on Rehabilitative Medicine

Fred K. Johnson

Fred Johnson gives a detailed account of his stroke—a rare, right hemisphere rupture at the age of thirty-six—and his subsequent rehabilitation.

Published: May 1990
ISBN: 9780814321720