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Labor History Archives in the United States

A Guide for Researching and Teaching

Edited by Daniel J. Leab and Philip P. Mason

Education, Labor Studies

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Published: June 1992
ISBN: 9780814323892
Pages: 288 Size: 6x9

This book makes available in one source descriptions of most of the major archival collections in the field of labor history at U.S. libraries. Of considerable value to the many scholars and students of the labor history movement in the United States, it includes descriptions of both large and small collections, and covers libraries whose holdings deal primarily with workers and unions as well as those with broader collections that include material on immigration, social welfare, and radicalism.
In view of the fact that labor history has become, over the past generation, one of the more active and seminal fields of American historical studies, with major institutions and many smaller ones throughout the country now represented, this volume will serve as a basic but detailed guide to the major record holdings.

Daniel J. Leab is a professor of history at Seton Hall University and the managing editor of Labor History.

Philip P. Mason is Distinguished Professor of History at Wayne State University, and the former director of the Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Walter P. Reuther Library.

Contributors Include:
Archie Motley, Bruce P. Montgomery, Cassandra M. Volpe, Charles D. King, Clare M. Sheridan, Dan Ashyk, Daniel J. Leab, David E. Vancil, David M. Weinberg, Debra E. Bernhardt, Diana L. Shenk, Dorothy Swanson, Edward C. Weber, Eileen Mountjoy Cooper, Erwin Levold, Eva Moseley, Geoffrey A. Huth, George N. Green, Guy Louis Rocha, Harold L. Miller, J. David Lages, James P. Danky, Joel Warl, John E. Haynes, John N. Schacht, Katherine Vogel, Ken Fones-Wolf, Lauren Brown, Leon J. Sompolinsky, Leslie S. Hough, Lynn A. Bonfield, Mark McColloch, Mary K. Witkowski, Neal Moore, Nelson Lichtenstein, Peter Gottlieb, Philip P. Mason, Randall C. Jimerson, Richard Strassberg, Robert Dinwiddie, Robert G. Marshall, Robert L. Carter, Ronald L. Becker, Sarah Cooper, Tab Lewis, Wendy S. Greenwood