Introducing Canvas Detroit

Detroit's unique and partly abandoned cityscape has scarred its image around the world for decades. But in the last several years journalists have begun to view the city through a different lens, focusing on the wide range of contemporary artists finding inspiration amid the city's emptiness. In Canvas Detroit, Julie Pincus and Nichole Christian combine text and photography to investigate hundreds of pieces of Detroit's contemporary artwork—including large-scale and small-scale murals, sculptures, portraits, light projections, wearable art, and installations (made with wood, glass, living plants, fiber, and fabric). Works are situated in both obvious and more hidden spaces, including on and in houses, garages, factories, alleyways, doors, and walls, while some structures have been entirely transformed into art.


Pincus and Christian profile local and internationally known artists to showcase the stunning breadth of work currently being done in the city. Find a full list of the artists included here.